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YouTube ‘take a break’ feature now rolling out for Android users

Remind me that I have A Life, Take a Break!

Hey everyone, today we’ll be talking about a brand-new feature ‘Take a Break’ that was rolled out by YouTube at I/O 18. A reminder in the app on Android and iPhone that will tell you when you’ve been watching videos for too long. Viewers mostly binge-watch and it’s always good to get back into the real world. The “Remind Me to Take a Break” allows you to keep your eyes and your mind rested.

Digital Wellbeing focusing on Take a Break
source: Google I/O

Google recently announced this feature under the Digital Wellbeing theme of Android P. At Google I/O, Digital Wellbeing was mainly themed for Android P. It was under this theme that YouTube got this major upgrade.


YouTube’s version 13.18.54 is spotted with a new “Remind me to take a break” option. This feature can set a timer for you to pause your screen viewing every 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes. Check out the screenshot below. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Remind me to take a break.

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With the perfect research staff, Google came up with Dashboard. Android P’s newest member, it’ll act as an all-in-one info place about your usage and habit pattern. It’ll give us full visibility to how we use our phone.

Apps will help mainly. YouTube took a lead and if we are watching YouTube for a long time it’ll come up with a notification to remind us to take some time off the screen. Schedule custom breathers as often as you want, pausing what you’re currently watching and encouraging you to step away.

Source: Google I/O
source: Google I/O











If you hate waiting like me, head over to this place APKMirror and download the latest version to witness the newest features as fast as possible. Over and Out.

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