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Youtube being a fountain head of amusement and restoration as well as an element of remuneration never let its creator to feel isolated in this contemporary frameword. After the fan fest held in Mumbai YouTube has brought another interesting thing that is to say “YouTube NEXTUP” for its GODS

Nextup is basically an inventiveness that focal points on funding,training and monitoring upon a ressuring and up to the minute class of creators. Youtube has unleashed a creator space in cities – New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, and Mumbai.

It will last for a week, creators will face no muddle as Youtube will provide every bit of disbursement of the complete trip !?


Taking it to the ear, makes your mind beaming with lots of thoughts !! ?, Okay if we are pivoting on what youtube will give you in reward, well probably the most important thing is the number of views, How you can achieve that ! As per the creator space, Creator’s skills will be carved alluringly as leading experts will clear all the doubts about lighting,sound effects, green screen effects and editing. Apart from these, discussion on branding and audience development may rise the confidence which is latent inside the creators !

Well the main thing, which grabs focus of everyone is the GIFT VOUCHER – A sum of 130000 INR will be also rewarded !!
(1) Least 18 years old at Date of Entry

(2) Apply as an individividual not as a group

(3) Channel must have monetization enabled as well as at least 10,000 subscribers but no more than 100,000 subscribers as of the date of Your entry

(4) Have access to a webcam

(5) Most importantly your channel shouldnt have any kind of copyright strike !!?


Just simple steps, Click on the link To enter the Contest,


Follow the directions provided there to

complete and submit your Entry. You are required to submit Your YouTube Channel URL and

complete three (3) short essays about~ (1) Why you entered the contest??

(2) How You plan to take your Channel to

the next level over the next year

(3) Areas of improvement
Hurry up The last date of submission is 17th of may 2017

So if anyone further critices you about your youtube career~ Simply say- Mere pas creator space he, subscribers he, Nextup he tumhare pass kya he ?

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

Google Top Contributor (Allo, Duo), a Local Guide, and Founder of TechIncludes. Follow me on twitter @Th3Snehasish.

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