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    YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: Google taking on Spotify and Netflix

    Google is on the verge of making it the world’s largest tech company. Google has plans to get its hands in every tech domain. With web browsers, earphones, smart speakers, digital assistants, smartwatches and more Google targets every person on the planet. The company wants pretty much everyone to have at least a single product made by Google. They already have Android devices made available for more than a billion people which is too much ahead in comparison to its competitors.
    They also target behemoth music company Spotify with Google Play Music and even YouTube music which will be recently unveiled. Google boasts that YT Music will be free and there will be more than 10 crore songs on the platform. This might be troublesome for music streaming companies like Spotify and Gaana, Hungama and Wynk in India.

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    Google took over YouTube long ago and has been making remarkable upgrades and revenues from it since then. It wants YouTube to launch a Music platform which is available on some websites as APK only. It will be with users soon as per the listing on their website. Netflix making a distinctive stand on users who want to watch movies and TV series. Google wants to make several changes to get those users too. On an average, people stream more than a million videos daily on YouTube and more than 10 billion videos in a month all over the world.

    We don’t face a lot of problems on YouTube, we are rather happy enough to watch it for free. But I and more than a billion people watch music videos on YouTube. They also watch a certain video just to listen to the music it plays in the background. Google got to know about this concern. And as we know, Google tries to solve a problem as soon as possible, they came up with YouTube Music. Now for normal people, this is just another app on YouTube where they can hear a lot of music for free. But for companies like Spotify, Apple Music and more, this is catastrophic. We don’t like to get into the details but with Google launching these services for free, it will make the other companies go bankrupt.

    source: YouTube

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    What exactly will I get from YouTube Music?

    Music on YouTube is highly appreciated. People will love something like this from Google. We always wanted an app where we could stream music without any restrictions. But I guess Google got stuck there. There will be ads. Yes. Google will charge an amount of 676 rupees or $10 for a month. But it’s never been brilliant as a straightforward listening service. Google’s latest offering, YouTube Music, is designed to change the stereotype of the only-video streaming company.
    But with Apple and Spotify dominating music streaming, is YouTube Music too little, too late? Or is it just in time to turn this war into a massacre? YouTube music will contain ads and will charge $10 USD for a month’s premium features. You can download videos, cancel to look and listen to ads and much more. You will receive YouTube Originals with the Premium feature.

    • The new YouTube Music is a music streaming service that combines music listening with the magic of YouTube: making the world of music easier to explore and more personalized than ever. YouTube Music includes a reimagined mobile app and brand new desktop player that is designed for music.
    • YouTube Premium unlocks the full YouTube Music experience: ad-free music, background listening, and downloads.
    source: Statista of Music Streaming services

    For people in the US, Australia, New Zealand or Mexico the rollout starts on Tuesday 22 May with an early access programme. A wider rollout will happen “in the coming weeks”. The service will launch in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom “soon”. YouTube has a Coming Soon page to register to get notified of updates.

    YouTube Red will be specially crafted and tailor-made for users who want everything through money. This will help people get seamless streaming of music and videos across any platform.

    YouTube Red special features

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    More about YouTube Premium

    Since launching YouTube Red in 2015, we’ve been thrilled with how people are enjoying the service, whether it’s downloading videos for a flight, ‘binging’ the first season of Cobra Kai, or listening to the wide breadth of ad-free music. As part of ongoing enhancements to the member experience, today we’re excited to announce that YouTube Red is becoming YouTube Premium! YouTube unveiled everything on their blog 6 days ago. We gather up everything and present you the new announcements.

    The new YouTube Premium includes:

    • The new YouTube Music: ad-free, with background listening and downloads
    • More, bigger original series and movies
    • Ad-free, background play, and downloads across YouTube

    It’s all coming soon to even more countries.

    Ad-free, background play, and downloads across YouTube

    • YouTube Premium will continue to provide an ad-free experience, background play, and downloads across the millions of videos on YouTube, which simultaneously supports our incredible creators and artists.
    source: YouTube Blog


    Well, that’s it from my side for today. Hope Netflix and Spotify don’t die. Peace.

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