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Yahoo! Messenger shuts down: It is time to say good bye to first global messaging service

Yahoo!, a web service provider, which is currently owned by Oath,  On July 17th Pulled the plug of it’s Internet based instant messaging service, Yahoo! Messenger. Putting it to rest after a long period of time. Started by Stanford graduates Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1998, the Yahoo! Messenger became worlds most used instant messaging service replacing the time consuming emails and the costly SMS service.

In 2009, Yahoo! Messenger had more than 122.6 million active users on its platform, which was eventually taken down by the inception of smart phones, mobile devices and instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. Older services such as MSN, AOL quit the game long before, and now Yahoo! Messenger who followed the path.

What we loved the most in Yahoo! Messenger?

It provided us a way to interact with our loved ones, when the communication was not so cheaper and we had to spend a lot of money to interact with people, who are too far away from us. But after the introduction of Yahoo! Messenger we had a way.

Secondly, it introduced animated stickers, emojis, even before those things were introduced in the advanced messaging apps such as Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, hike messenger, Line etc. Which was indeed a great way to show your expression and emotions to other users. Apart from that, the custom avatar system of Yahoo! Messenger was a great way to customize your presence in the platform.

Yahoo! Messenger also introduced Chartroom system (I guess for the first time in instant messengers), which was a great way to interact with anonymous users and to make new friends.

Now comes the most important feature, the BUZZ feature it was a great way to grab the attention of the person whom you are trying to communicate with sending a BUZZ notification, so that the other person’s phone will make vibration and let the person know that someone is trying to interact with him.

Saying good bye to the service, that was been with us for years, and created a lot of stories and memories in our life, is really hard. But there is nothing we can do anymore, except saying a Good bye.


Written by Snehasish Nayak

Google Top Contributor (Allo, Duo), a Local Guide, and Founder of TechIncludes. Follow me on twitter @Th3Snehasish.


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