Where's Waldo? Find Waldo on Google Maps
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Where’s Waldo? Find Waldo on Google Maps

Starting today and continuing on for the next week, Google is bringing Where’s Waldo? to Google Maps. On Android, iOS, and the desktop, you’ll see Waldo pop up in his signature red and white stripes and give you a friendly wave. From there, just tap or click on him and you’ll see the option to play a game that’s straight out of the classic children’s puzzle books. This is one of Google’s annual April Fools’ Day jokes, but the Maps integration is actually happening.

The game is quite easy, all you have to do is, finding out Waldo and four of his friends at a certain location.  Easy right? I don’t think so. Because you have to look at each and every part of the given picture to find out Waldo and his friends.

How to get started with “Where’s Waldo”?

Where’s Waldo is available on the latest version of Google Maps. If you don’t have it, go to Google Playstore and update it free of cost. Now, once you open up the map, Waldo will pop up on your screen with an invitation to join the game with your friends. All you have to do is click play now and you are in.

If your hands are busy, just ask the Assistant on your Home device, Chromebook or phone “Hey Google, where’s Waldo?”. If your eyes are busy because you’re driving, look for Waldo later.

What is in the game?

The game consists of five minimaps. Obviously, similar to the pictures in classic children’s puzzle book “Where’s Waldo”. The game consists of 6 levels and each level contains 5 characters. Waldo, Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw. Which makes it a total of 30(6 Waldos and 24 friends) characters to be found out in the game.

You will start with level one and then you have to move forward till level 6. Each time you find out Waldo on a minimap, you unlock the next level in the game.

Tips to find out Waldo and his friends

We have explained the basic parts already. Wish we could share the total walkthrough of the minigame already. But we don’t want to kill your fun by doing that. Hence, Instead of giving out all the details, we are giving out some tips to find out Waldo and his friends.

Waldo, Wenda, and Odlaw are very easy to find out as they can be seen on the minigame with higher Zoom level. To find those people, look at someone with a hat with a stripe mark. You can find other people wearing the similar hats as well, But they do not look similar to any of the Where’s Waldo characters. Trust me, finding these people are very easy.

To find out the Wizard Whitebeard, look for someone wearing a blue wizarding hat. Not many people are wearing that kind of hat in the game. Hence, it is very easy to find out the old man.

Now the tough part, i.e. Woof. It is very hard to find out woof as you can only see its tail. So, how to find it out? Divide the minimap into eight small parts. Then zoom into the minimap. Now, inspect each and every part carefully. You can easily find out Woof in any one of those parts. A small tip, Woof tries to hide behind someone else. So, try to find someone with a tiny red tail.

What is the reward for finding out Waldo and his friends?

Aside from the satisfaction of finding Waldo and the gang, users can also earn badges as rewards for their efforts.

When you do find Waldo, you can share it on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #WaldoMaps. With that, you can find out who among your friends is the best Waldo hunter.

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

Google Top Contributor (Allo, Duo), a Local Guide, and Founder of TechIncludes. Follow me on twitter @Th3Snehasish.


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