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What’s up with the Personal Tab in Google Search?

If you are using Google Search from the browser on your mobile device or desktop computer, you will find a new Personal tab that will comb through Google Photos, Calendar and Gmail to show personal results related to your search topic. Google already did this to some degree. Search for “Dogs” and pictures of your lovable pets that were sitting in Google Photos could appear. But this wouldn’t show up every time you conducted a search.

But now, when you want to see what shows up on a Google Search under your own Google Photos, Calendar and Gmail accounts, click on the More option found in the menu under the search bar. Click on it and you’ll see what Photos, Gmail and Calendar entries you have that relate to the search topic.

The results are labeled “Only you can see these results” which means that they are not being shown to anyone else but you. Ads still appear at the bottom of the personal listings. And yes, there is one more thing. This new feature is not available at the moment from Google’s iOS or Android app. You will have to use the mobile browser to access the Google Search website if you are using an Android powered device.

Source:(9to5Google) and (PhoneArena)

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

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