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Walmart Introduces Shelf Scanning Robots : Future of Inventory Management

Talks about the very first Robot Citizen, Sophia is not over yet and Walmart started deploying shelf scanning robots at 50 different stores across USA. Are we moving towards an era where we will be having Cyclops every where?

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The retailing giant says the robots’ introduction won’t lead to job losses, and that the company wants to save employees from carrying out tasks that are “repeatable, predictable, and manual.”

Shelf Scanning Robots deployed at Walmart

The robots themselves are produced by California-based Bossa Nova Robotics, and are about two-feet tall with an extendable tower containing lights and sensors for scanning shelves. They sit in recharging stations in the store until a human employee gives them a “mission” The robots are supposed to save workers’ time, but Walmart says it will also use the data they collect to improve efficiency nationwide. Seems they got a very good integration with Machine Learning.

By using Machine Learning and predictable models, these robots can track the inventory, detect misplaced items and predict which products are in demand and which products are having shortage in the store. Hence, it will help the retail giants work more efficiently.

Although, Walmart has clarified that there will be no jobloss due to introduction of robotics in retail field, but if we think logically, if everything is streamlined and easily managed by such kind of Robots, won’t there be any wage cuts or less manpower need for the retail giant? Only future will tell if there will be any joblosses or not! Let us know your opinion on this in the comment section.

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