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Top Crowdfunding Websites you Should look into Right now

Ever had an awesome idea that could revolutionize transport or education? Or a magnificent trick of your own to change the industry for textiles and agriculture? Well, what did you do next? Sat back, relaxed with no hopes? You’re at the right place then!


If you are not using crowdfunding to launch at least one product per year, you are missing out on billions of dollars of risk-free revenue and millions of new customers.

Will Ford, Co-Founder LaunchBoom

No need to wander around anymore, there are numerous people in the world who would love your idea and would love to collaborate and help you achieve the same. There are two types of people, one who has the courage to ignite something big, others who have the resources to keep the fire burning. Hence, you need to find those “resource-givers” and we’ll help you with this! So finally, sit on that comfortable couch of yours and let’s begin this journey together!

CF brings you a large group of believers with a really good chance of loyal customers and avid supporters when your business launches. And this wouldn’t pacify your ears now, but trust us, this is near magical! *slow-claps*

Ever asked your father or brothers for capital? Or any relatives or friends or other associates? Feels bad right? With CFunding techniques, you’ll receive the biggest helps of your lifetime from people you haven’t even met once in your lifetime! Well, this is the very reason what caught my attention on the first hand.

People who don’t even know about your existence, buy into your idea and spend their hard-earned income for the idea’s betterment? Well, this is what makes us better humans, altogether. Doesn’t it?

The very word ‘business’ gets deleted in the CF dictionary. There are no lawmakers, no accountants, no financial assistance and moreover no banks. The money comes directly from their pockets to yours in a fraction of the time without any complications. This not only minimizes the entire burden of the aftermath of the ideation part but also helps you concentrate more on what’s important and what will definitely float your boat.


The lion’s share CF websites/mobile apps offer ‘everything or nothing’ guideline. If we have a look at the past a bit, Kiva (2005), IndieGoGo (2008), Kickstarter (2009), and Microventures (2010) everyone offered the same. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Ketto are currently the most used ones. There are numerous websites and we’ll list some below for your guys!

The phenomenon of crowdfunding is older than the term “CROWDFUNDING”. According to, the earliest recorded use of the word was in August 2006. Basically, it’s better to have at least a small network of enthusiastic and committed friends and family willing to help get the ball rolling by giving and urging others to give.

In case you’re giving out perks and goodies or just simple swags in return for money, make sure they are cool and catchy and obviously relate a bit to your idea too!

A simple t-shirt with a saying or your product design would steal the spotlight, trust us! Explain and let the audience know about a serious business and a revenue plan and an explanation of why the money will take your enterprise to the next level. This may include the scalability and monetization of the idea. Finally, it’s always better to be on the safe side with a vote of thanks and a simple concluding note too!

Showcase that you have your own blood and bones in the game too because of the personal funds you have already poured into the business. Demonstrate the expenses you’ve poured into it plus the dedication you’ve given so far.  Include a video pitch and keep it short and concise, with a call to action.

Most of the applicants include different rewards for different levels of giving;  so, should you. Have better rewards ranging from $10 – $1000 or more!
Be prepared to essentially live online, staying active on social media sites, until the crowdfunding campaign is complete. This will create a soft spot for the guy who might be interested. No one gets interested and funds in a second, they do their own math and calculations. All you can do is, easy that part for them and have something secret in a magic box and use it as a secret weapon every time you need it to. In short, be Batman, haha!


Now, simply go to any one of these websites. These are well carved-out and well-refined searches done by us. Have a look and enjoy!

There is no ranking, it’s just that everyone excels in their special domains!

  1. Kickstarter (

    About: Kickstarter has become synonymous for crowdfunding, as the most popular site to find funding for creative projects.

    Cost: 5% of funds raised, with an all-or-nothing model that builds urgency but leads to the loss of all funds if the goal isn’t met, plus 3-5% transaction fees

    Pros: Name recognition, highest site traffic allows for greater project visibility

Sample Project: Tripsaver: The Ultimate Travel Budgeting App

  1. Indiegogo (

    About: This flexible crowd-funding site serves as an open and accessible option for campaigns worldwide.

Cost: On the all-or-nothing plan, 4% of the funds of successful projects go to Indiegogo. On the flexible funding plan, Indiegogo charges 4% if you reach your goal, 9% if you do not reach your goal. Transaction fees are an additional 3%.

Pros: No application process, available in every country, diverse spread of projects

Sample Project:  Ovo: The First Autoplay Online Video Player and App

  1. RocketHub (

    About: This crowdfunding website offers a unique type of visibility through a recent partnership with A&E Project Startup.

Cost: 4% for completed campaign or 8% for partial campaign, with 4% transaction fees.

Pros: Easy to navigate interface, Success School offers tools for building better projects and businesses

Sample Project: Genome Library

  1. FundRazr (

    About: This website is dedicated to raising money for anything from personal causes to nonprofits to entrepreneurial projects.

Cost: 5% for completed or incomplete campaign plus 2.2% +$.030 transaction fees

Pros: Deep social network integration to connect to people in your network, cheap and convenient transaction fees with funds going directly to your PayPal, can be used to fund anything, anywhere.

Sample Project: Caring for Chris

  1. GoGetFunding (

About: This London based fund-raising site can be used to raise money for anything from paying for pet’s medical bills to creating a short film.

Cost: 3.5% with a keep-what-you-raise model, plus 2.9% transaction fee

Pros: Can be used for public or private projects, anyone can post a project, easy to use

Sample Project: Lizzy’s Project Walk Fund  

There are a lot many websites and apps too but we covered only this thinking this might cover more than 90% of our audience and that it would be helpful enough.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Thank you for your patient reading and have a nice day! Peace Out.

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Written by Manish Rath

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