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Top 5 Most interesting things announced at MWC 2017

1. LG G6

LG badly needs a hit with its newest flagship phone. The G5 — last year’s attempt to create a “modular” phone that you could attach new parts and pieces to at will — never really took off, and its smartphone division is struggling. Luckily for LG, the G6 is a newly focused phone with an intriguing new form factor.

2. Nokia 3310

This relaunch of the iconic brick phone got plenty of press attention, and probably backfired a bit for Nokia — as it was likely hoping some of that free press would also shine on its very solid and reasonably priced Nokia 6 Android smartphone. It’s available in a range of bright colours, has a basic Symbian OS and boasts an epic one month of standby time.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Instead of the S8, we got the announcement of two new tablets: the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Book. The Tab S3 runs Android and is kind of rival for the iPad Pro. It features a high-resolution Super AMOLED screen and ships with the S Pen stylus. The screen is beautiful AMOLED and supports HDR, or high dynamic range — which creates a much more vibrant and full range of colors on the screen — and it’s got a beefy Snapdragon 820 powering it.

4. BlackBerry Key One

BlackBerry kicked off MWC with the official launch of its latest Android phone, the BlackBerry Key One (pictured above). It features a 4.5-inch, 3:2-aspect screen and BlackBerry’s signature physical keyboard below it. There’s also a 3505mAh battery, 12-megapixel rear camera and it’s all powered by the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

5. Porsche Design BOOK ONE

Porsche design book one priced at around $2,500 is a high-powered and high-design laptop that looks to one up what Microsoft has done with the Surface Book. It even has a few extra tricks up its sleeve: You can tear away the screen like a Surface Book, or you can rotate it 360 degrees like a more traditional two-in-one. I’m not sure it’ll find a huge audience, but it’s notable that at least one company thinks there’s a market out there for these types of devices at luxury prices.

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Written by Satyabrat Sahoo

Android Developer | Tech Enthusiast | Content Creator, Follow me on Twitter @the_lazy_indian.


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