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TLS 1.3 Released | Improved encryption and speed with Extreme Privacy

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This is the age of information and how we handle it plays a very vivid role. Securely sending information over the Internet is a foundation of online commerce and not only that. For these and many other uses, it is critical that the whole process stays as secure as possible. These features have been a key part of the Internet’s growth and are critical to many innovative uses. We see and take forth all the necessary stuff to not let them forge through.

While the most widely used technology providing transport layer security for the Internet traces its origins back to SSL. However, the new TLS 1.3 is a major revision designed for the modern Internet. The protocol has major improvements in the areas of security, performance, and privacy. Still, the TLS 1.3 updates the most important security protocol on the Internet, delivering superior privacy, security, and performance.


The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, an integral technology in end-to-end data protection. It is now getting a fresh look, performance, and stripping some insecure optional features from the previous version 1.2. According to the Internet Engineers Task Force (IETF), TLS 1.3 introduces improved encryption during the negotiation handshake stage of data transport. Helping to protect the identities on either end of the exchange, as well as forward secrecy.

The process of developing TLS 1.3 included significant work on “running code”, a core mantra of the IETF. For example, TLS 1.3 was a primary focus of the IETF 98 Hackathon project that brought together people who work on web browsers, websites, and the Internet of Things.

This collaboration helps demonstrate interoperability still, catch documentation and implementation bugs. Ultimately ensure the specification provides a solid reference for others looking to implement TLS 1.3. The work is available for all the users right away. Use it and make the most out of it. A growing list of implementations can be found here.

TLS 1.3 Development Operation

What do you need to do to take advantage of TLS 1.3? Most modern web browsers and many applications you probably use already support TLS 1.3. For those not currently supporting the protocol, we expect future updates to bring in support.

Many modern web browsers and applications are already taking advantage of the new update. Mozilla announced it would be adding support in FireFox and Facebook open sourced a TLS 1.3 library.

The protocol has major improvements in the areas of security, performance, and privacy,” the IETF wrote. Still, there remain areas of security where humans haven’t yet landed on. For further info stay tuned to Tech Includes. Peace Out.

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