Google began pushing the new Wear OS 2.0 update to watches at the end of last week. If you are impatient like me then you probably spent most of the weekend being frustrated by numerous checks, all that kept saying “System is up to date.” There is hope now, though! A little trick posted by a Reddit user may bring you the good fortune today.

A Reddit user suggested that watch owners try forcing the update to start by doing the following:

  • On your Wear OS watch, go into Play Store and find Wear OS app
  • Uninstall Wear OS app
  • Once done uninstalling, its Play Store page should say “Update”
  • Tap “Update” to re-update the app
  • Once that finishes, you may see a notification to further update to the new Wear OS 2.0

Does this work? One of my friends from USA tried it with his TicWatch Pro and it worked like a charm. However, it did not work on my Fossil Q Explorist Gen 3. So, It seems, Google is rolling out the update phase by phase, and you can give it a try using the mentioned trick. I believe, one day you can get the fascinating popup saying “New update is available!”. Till then?

Stay tuned with us.

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