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    Samsung Patents yet another Folding Device Notion

    After the outstanding performances and experiences of the latest flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8, after thrashing out its competitors and getting to the top, Samsung has something literally outstanding for all of us! With the advent of latest phone designs, new body works and upcoming creative phones with the epitome user experiences, Samsung promises to surprise us to the fullest finally!

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    With Samsung already making bendable and flexible display screens and touch panels, so far they’ve only appeared in rigid TVs and curved Galaxy Edge phones, as engineers puzzle over how hard and flat internals, like the battery and circuit boards, could be reimagined to support a foldable design! A newly-revealed Samsung patent doesn’t quite offer a solution to the rigid component problem but shows that the Korean electronics giant is still keen on figuring a way around it, in order to deliver a bendable phone that could leap ahead of the current edge-to-edge display trend.

    With the very idea of this form of a device, sales would be sky-rocketing from any tech-nerd’s point of view, or, as Samsung has previously considered, pave the way for a new category of hybrid phone-tablet, or a compact phone that can fold out to become a seven-inch tablet. Right?

    The Samsung patent application was filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office this week.

    The filing includes sketches of a “flexible electronic device”, which has two rigid housings coupled via a multi-joint hinge in the middle. The device would close under a magnetic force with the screen facing inwards, like a full-screen flip phone.

    Despite prototypes such as Lenovo’s CPlus that can wrap around a wrist, if anything, Samsung’s patent highlights the considerable design and component challenges that need to be overcome to create a bendable phone that’s actually desirable.

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