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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Release date, Features Hot Leaks

    Full details of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have been leaked by an analyst.

    Some of the retailers online are offering pre-registrations for Samsung’s new curvy flagship.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus release date

    • Confirmed for a March 29 announcement
    • Likely hitting stores in April
    • You may be able to pre-order from April 10

    Samsung has sent out invites for its next unpacked event in New York on March 29 and we’re bound to see the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus there. That’s no surprise, as earlier rumors suggested exactly that, with the phone apparently set to hit shelves on April 21, with pre-orders opening on April 10 .

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Specs Leaks

    1. Screen

    • A 6.1 or 6.2-inch curved screen
    • A QHD or 4K resolution
    • A built-in fingerprint scanner

    The latest leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will have a big 6.1 or 6.2-inch screen, which is a  rumor we’ve heard more than once, and that the aspect ratio could be 18.5:9, rather than the more standard 16:9.

    2. Design

    • A similar but further improved look
    • A “slick” design

    The best look at the S8 Plus we’ve comes from the leaked videos below. Technically these are of the standard S8, but other than the size we’re not expecting many visible differences.

    3. Camera

    • A dual-lens camera
    • Could be up to 30MP

    This rumor has popped up several times since, though more recent rumors suggest just a 12MP single lens camera, with optical image stabilization and an 8MP snapper around the front. With more rumors saying the same , this is now looking like the most likely option. We’ve also heard from several tech channels in youtube that Samsung sticks to 12MP rear camera for now.

    4. Battery

    • A 3,500mAh battery

    The latest battery rumor , which supposedly comes from a Samsung official, states that the S8 Plus will have a 3,500mAh juice pack. There’s now even more evidence of that thanks to an image, supposedly showing the battery pack, spotted by SamMobile.

    5. SoC and Memory

    • A top-end Snapdragon or Exynos processor
    • 6GB of RAM

    Samsung could go one of two ways with the Galaxy S8 Plus. It might use one of its own Eynos chips ( rumored to be the 3GHz Exynos 8895), or it might use whatever the latest Snapdragon processor is (probably the 835), or, more likely, it might use both, depending on which region you’re in.

    Indeed, exactly that has been rumored, with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming that the US, Japan and China will get the 835, while Europe and elsewhere will get the Exynos 8895.

    6. Other expected features

    • An AI assistant
    • Stereo speakers
    • An iris scanner
    • A desktop mode

    There’s also talk of an AI assistant known as Viv . This is made by some of the people behind Siri, and Samsung has already purchased the company . Plus, Samsung’s vice chairman has claimed the S8 will feature enhanced AI, so Viv’s inclusion is all but guaranteed. More recently, Samsung has applied to trademark the names Bixby and Kestra, leading to speculation that these will be the final names for Viv and that it will have both male and female voices.

    The S8 Plus is also likely to include features from previous Samsung phones, like a USB-C port, a waterproof body and a fingerprint scanner. Plus, it could have up to 256GB of built-in storage, which would be a huge jump on the S7 Plus 64GB max capacity.


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