Optimizing Twitter profile to Drive a lot of Followers

Let it be a normal job or a huge marketing campaign, Personal branding plays a big role in getting success. When we talk about Personal branding Twitter is the key factor.

What makes Twitter stand out from other social media platform is, its ability to build yourself into a social media influencer. The basic difference between Facebook and Twitter is, Facebook allows you to get updates from someone when you both are connected with each other. But, the game is totally different in case of Twitter. Here, you don’t need the other person to accept your request for the public updates.

Twitter generates over 175 million tweets daily and allows you to share quick pieces of information and photos in an effort to drive people back to your site or landing pages. You only get a few characters, so make them count!

The first appearance on Twitter is very important. Because it tells people what you are all about. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with the step by step guide to optimize your Twitter profile!

Put a Profile Photo

When you join Twitter you will be having an egg icon as your profile photo. You might be a guy who loves egg but, The photo is not good for your Twitter profile. So, the first thing you need to do is, change the profile photo to something else.

  • If you are a person it is better to put your own photo instead of a random photograph. Because people on twitter love to interact with real people, Hence, more engagement with others if people get to know that you are real.
  • Now, how to choose your profile photo? It is quite simple. Choose a photo which reflects your profession or passion. Because we have already discussed Twitter is a place where people build themselves as powerful influencers. For example, if you are an IT professional, a display picture with suit and tie will look more professional than random casual attire. 60% of the displace photo covers your upper part of the body.
  • If you are on Twitter as a business, put your business logo as the profile photo.

Once you have done it, You are finished with the first step of Optimizing your Twitter profile to get a massive amount of followers.

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Put a Good Header Image

Like you have chosen a good profile photo for your twitter profile, Putting an appropriate Header Image is also important. Because your profile photo and header image reflect what you are and what you want to share with your audience. So, make it simple and clear.

  • If you are a motivator or a speaker, Put a photo in which you are doing some kind of activities where people can see what you are doing.
  • If you don’t have any of those kinds of photos, No worries! You can put a photo which reflects, what you want to share with people. Always remember, Do not Put a Huge amount of text over there.

Put a Twitter Bio

Your bio is usually the first thing people see when deciding whether to follow you on Twitter. You’re judged by what you write on your Twitter bio. And you only have about 160 characters to tell them everything they need to know. So it has to be convincing! Every letter needs to count.

  • Add keywords to your Twitter bio. You need to think about what your target audience is searching for, and then include those keywords in your bio. Instead of using #socialmedia #blogging, etc. in your bio, tell them what you do instead. Don’t make them figure it out. Hashtags won’t give them much information about you either.
  • One of the hardest things about crafting a Twitter bio is fitting all you want to say into only 160 characters. A good bio would have a mix of a profession as well as personal. Share something that will connect you with your audience.
  • Include the Name of your employer. If your bio has your employer’s Twitter handle, you’ll appear in the search results when people search for the business on Twitter.
  • Mention significant awards and recognition in your Twitter bio. This social proof can be a great conversation starter
  • A little humor will go a long way for getting people to remember you on Twitter.

Once you have completed the above steps you are done with optimizing your Twitter profile and ready to move on to the next step. I will be coming up with next steps in few days. Till then, stay connected with us on Tech Includes!

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

Google Top Contributor (Allo, Duo), a Local Guide, and Founder of TechIncludes. Follow me on twitter @Th3Snehasish.


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