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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones: Everything you want in $69

OnePlus just unveiled their latest smartphone the OnePlus 6. But it had another trick under its sleeve and that is the newest member of their products. To compete against Pixel Buds and Apple AirPods, OnePlus has joined the race of wireless music. OnePlus doesn’t like to sacrifice quality over convenience. We present you OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones.

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless features quick charging, magnetic earbuds for easy handling and Google Assistant for a hassle-free daily life. We understood why Google launched the Pixel Buds and now will unveil the second version of it. Pixel 2 lacks a 3.5mm audio jack still the Pixel Buds compensate for it. The OnePlus 6, on the other hand, has a 3.5mm audio jack.
What are you doing OnePlus?

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In-Depth OnePlus Bullets Wireless

OnePlus has come up with some great research and development in this product. The wireless earphones have got a Qualcomm aptX standard and the 9.2 mm moving coil driving units with “Energy Tubes”, which are tiny structures inside the earbuds that minimize distortion. This will not only make the music sound more natural but also artificially increase the pleasure of listening to the music. Free Your Music, huh?

The wireless earphones are not exactly wireless. It still has a single long wire that connects and stores the battery for the earbuds. Unlike the fully wireless ones by Apple or Huawei. This might help is not losing them often but a wire within them also doesn’t help them with their initial motive.

OnePlus bullets WIreless
source: OnePlus

$69 in the US, £69 in the UK, €69 in Europe

The Bullets Wireless will be available to buy from June 5 on They will sell for $69 in the US, 69 pounds in the UK, and 69 euros in Europe. We have no sources for information regarding their availability in India.

Here’s the unboxing of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless by Myriam Joire: OnePlus Bullets W2

Bullets Wireless compete favorably with the likes of Google Pixel Buds and Apple AirPods, that cost an additional $100. I guess they’re just fine. Over and Out.

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