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Every Nokia Smartphone: Getting Android 9 Pie

It’s been a while for any groundbreaking news for Nokia users. But with what we are about to tell them will bring Christmas early to them. All the Nokia devices have got something to cover after Google unveiled their latest. Google also launched something called the Project Treble at the Google I/O this year for seamless OS update transfer.

If you’ve been using an Android Phone for some time now you must be aware of the updates. The process is not hassle-free and sometimes there’s no process at all. Treble to the rescue. It allows for Fragmentation, which will, from Android O allow every device under it to get benefited. All the devices will receive the updates simultaneously through a seamless transition. Now that’s something Google.


Nokians will be getting the Android Pie update confirmed by the HMD Global. Motorola, Xiaomi and a couple of other manufacturers have also joined this Project. Already Nokia 7 Plus got the Android 9 Pie Beta 4 Update and rest of the device get shortly. Android Pie will be available for the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8. Roll-out will be phased as usual to secure quality deliver.

Android phone usually problematic in its regular updates. “Pure. Secure. And Up To Date.” is the motto we often here and thus far HMD has been backing those promises up with deeds. HMD promised then 2 years of Android upgrades for the whole lineup.


Keep in mind that probably not all phones will get the update at the same time and it can take a few months, if not more until the whole lineup is updated to Pie, but the update will come eventually. Also, there is no point in asking when the update will be available for a particular device because Nokia Mobile probably won’t give precise dates in case something happens and they have to delay the update.

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Written by Kshetrabasi Das

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