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Niantic Brings Major Update to Pokemon GO to End Cheating

Niantic has just brought a major server-side update to its Pokemon GO game, one that would make it difficult for cheaters of all sorts to get ahead in the game. The average legit Pokemon GO player won’t be impacted by the new changes.

Before the update rolled out, some players used bots to search the game for Pokemons and generate various reports for their stats. The reports included metrics like height, weight and movement, and the beasts always appeared with the same stats.

This made it quite easy and systematic for players to hunt the right Pokemons. With the new update, the Pokemon world is a bit more random, making it difficult for snipers and illegitimate players to predict when and where Pokemons would appear.

Niantic made several changes to Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO universe isn’t completely random, and Niantic has set some rules for each level, to block players who would be interested in cheating the game. Therefore, Level 1 trainers will come across certain Pokemons based on their moveset, height and weight.

The same goes for Level 10 trainers, while Level 25 and up trainers would enjoy “Pokemon finds same as Level 25+,” according to a report. Level below 25 would find Pokemons randomly, unless player levels match.

Before the update, Level 30+ was the limit where Pokemons would not spawn with any better stats than they would when a level 30+ player was present. Niantic has now lowered the level and made it so the randomness of various Pokemon stats would stay the same only after level 25+.

The latest update doesn’t completely stop cheaters and snipers from playing the game and getting higher benefits in the game, but it will certainly discourage them. It also makes it easier for Niantic to monitor the game and seek out cheaters or hackers.

Recently, Niantic has announced that it will bring new co-op features to Pokemon GO this spring, tools that would allow users to play with friends and attract even more players.

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

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