ML is Machine Learning and more than 70% of apps and websites these days use ML to improve their User Experience. ML Kit from Google IO 2018 is a major breakthrough in the domain. ML Kit is indeed a simplified yet extremely powerful software.
Yesterday marked the 10th year of Google’s yearly developer conference at Shoreline, Bay Area. This year the whole I/O is based out of the software developments that mark newer levels for all the developers in the whole world. There are a billion devices in people’s hands and there are more than a million developers who make the Android and Chrome platforms better for people who use and those who make it.

This year is the elite year in the field of technology. Anything, literally anything is possible with just a simple data set and a model to run it. We can answer any of life’s questions. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the brothers of development. Although ML and DeepL come under AI, AI is the buzzword of the town and anything and everything must include that to stay afloat.

Hence, Google launched the ML Kit for Developers of both Android and iOS. Developers across the globe are demandingly relying on machine learning to enhance their app’s user experience, and only with finely-tuned machine learning models can they deliver those powerful features to delight their users. It’s as if thousands of human developer’s work done in a second. Avenger? Nah. Just Googly enough.

Android and iOS users make the most of the smart world. The users deserve to be made smarter through us developers by all means possible. ML Kitis the medium which will help us to do so. As Apple’s AR Kit completed many milestones and made its developers feel pretty awesome to broaden their domains to work on. Introducing ML Kit, a Machine Learning SDK available on Firebase. ML Kit comes with a set of ready-to-use APIs focused on common mobile use cases: recognizing text, detecting faces, recognizing landmarks, scanning barcodes, and labeling images. ML Kit is the new utility that must be utilized to its fullest.

ML Kit comes with a set of ready-to-use APIs for common mobile use cases: recognizing text, detecting faces, identifying landmarks, scanning barcodes, and labeling images. Simply pass in data to the ML Kit library and it gives you the information you need. ML Kit works as an appliance. It easy enough to put your imagination and problems in it and expect seamless and errorless answers.

So, why wait? Click here to get started.

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