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LG may be scaling back on novelty with upcoming V30 and instead producing something more traditional but before you bag too hard on LG,remember that LG has tried to truly be innovative in an industry that longs for uniformity.


The video arrives via Onleaks the tips are behind many such leaks and GearIndia giving us a hint of what we might expect from the new flagship for those of you aware of the LG V20 LG G6 the design might seem familiar the rear of the handset is almost the same though the camera flash sits to the right of the dual lens on the V30.

Further the device face the bottom setup and the rounded frame are all reminiscent of the LG g6 also with slim bezels and likely no secondary display meanwhile the video would seemingly confirm the presence of a fingerprint sensor headphone jack and USB type C connector on the V30 and gea india suggests that it may feature wireless charging now. The familiar design and the dropping of the secondary display may disappoint some hardcore fans.

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The original V10 arrived with a secondary display and built into the handset that offered additional functionality. Bringing something fresh to an industry that for years have been accused of growing stale. Once more it delivers standard audio performance, thanks to it quad DSC audio support a feature few other manufacturer have pursued and a removable battery something which has been lauded by die hard android fans. Feasible speculation from various sources suggest that it is on its way and possibly in its next two months.

The LG v30 is tipped to be unveiled on August 31st The device is expected to sport Snapdragon 835 processor 3200 miliamp battery Ip68 certification for dust and water resistance. The unit would come with wireless charging a dual rear camera setup and a rear fingerprint scanner. Device may be too curved display like on its LG G flex devices which also uses a OLED technology but it also may just be a flat panel. This would probably be a bezel if display more like the LG g6 than the LG v20 and it is equally likely to include a second screen built into it as the V10 and V20 did There may be a slider concept design for the V30.

The last beast was a furious animal to deal with. Check out what LG brings to make the charm of the geeks! Have some info from the last flagship from LG!

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DISPLAY: 5.7 INCH 25600 X 1440 PIXELS



RAM: 4gb or 6GB

Internal memory – 64 Gb expandble- 2TB DUAL SIM

Price – 49,999


Remember the LG flex The LG g5 in its modular functionality they have been trying hard, but the fact is its just too late the industry has matured its just droning on closer and closer to total uniformity.

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