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The Latest Update on Atari Box!

“Atari Still Exists And thinks to re-invent itself to
the market”

Source ; AtariBox

The new Atari Box console is being launched after whole 24 Years . It was evident from the images, that the product is going to be huge transformation for “Atari”itself.

Source; AtariBox

About the new ATARI BOX..

The specifications of the Atari Box is still like the mystery of a Black Hole . Though the pictures give some insight on the product. The machine can have a SD card slot, HDMI output, four USB inputs and an ethernet port( From the Product photos).  CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed the company was developing the new gaming console and stated it to be based on PC technology(but,still under development). From Connectivity options ,  the console is said to have support both classic and current games .

Source; AtariBox
Source; AtariBox


It was also confirmed about its two versions were announced: one with a traditional wood veneer front, and the other with a glass front.Atari has yet to release pricing details. Moreover, according to an official company statement of June 22 2017, the product was to be initially launched via a crowdfunding(maybe KickStarter) campaign in order to minimize any financial risk to the parent company.
The edge cutting finish of the console body makes it more lovable to the gaming fans. This concept was new to the gaming market as most of the gaming consoles are available in their classic design.We hope to hear more about this console in the near future.

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