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iPhone 8 release date, news and rumors!

Apple’s 10th anniversary iphone is due for big changes!

source: MKBHD

The iPhone 8 rumour mill is heating up real high!. It’s been suggested that the fall of -2017 iPhone will feature a longer 5.8-inch display, made possible by removing the section at the bottom that includes the Home Button. It is also said to feature wireless charging, augmented reality and an edge-to-edge screen (the latter theory backed up an image from the HomePod’s firmware, of all places).

Update: New iPhone 8 rumors suggest that the release date for Apple’s new phone may be later than the September launch window, and its Touch ID fingerprint sensor might not be included at all. Here’s the latest iPhone 8 news; Tim Cook will wave around the all-new phone in just a few weeks, according to all of the latest iPhone 8 leaks. Peace!                        

But what’s true and what’s hopeful thinking?

Release date

The memo, posted by Benjamin Geskin, names ‘black out days’, when staff must be present, between 17 September and 4 November. This suggests that the launch announcement will come on or very close to 17 September, and that the following eight weeks represent the product’s highest-demand period, when staff will be most urgently needed in the office.

Other pundits believe that Apple will release an iPhone 7s and 8 in autumn 2017, with the 8 incorporating the flagship features. And we’ve even heard talk of an iPhone X (X signifying the Roman numeral for 10), or iPhone Edition.

iPhone 8 design & leaked images

We’re pretty sure now that the iPhone 8 will have a screen running almost edge to edge, with a slimmed-down bezel of just 4mm on each side. This is mirrored by the leak of what is alleged to be the user guide from the iPhone 8 packaging.

Well, twitter usually stacks up the content for the techies like us. This every effin’ time makes us feel proud to use twitter! Behold this:

Apple has filed a number of patents that show it’s interested in putting the sensor beneath the glass. Patent application number 20150036065, for example, covers “a fingerprint sensor… incorporated in a display stack in an electronic device”.

source: Daily Express

Well, that’s it for now, and at the end why don’t you enjoy this spectacular review of the “new-for-some” iOS 11, obviously the beta by MKBHD!

Till then, Stay tuned to other news feeds on Tech Includes !

Peace Out!

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