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    iPhone 11: The Final Rumors

    With the launch of iPhone X, the Xs and the Xs Max, Apple took it to the next level for smartphone manufacturers. There have been two Apple events already this year but this one has most number of eyes. Apple is known the best for its phone lineup and we are expecting an innovation this year too.  

    There will be an array of new hardwares to be unveiled by Apple in a few days. The American behemoth has sent out invites for their September 10th event officially. We will be looking at the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11R and probably new Apple Watch variants, a new iPad and let’s not forget about their Macbook lineups too. Only a few days remain for the final release of those devices, but we are here to talk about all the substantial leaks and rumors that we’ve come across and base out thoughts on it. 

    Cut to the chase

    • Apple will release new iPhones, iPads and maybe Macs on September 10th
    • The invitation hints at the iMac G3 colors so we might get something related
    • The unveil will also talk about the iPhones with that ugly camera bump 

    We got a hint of the multi colored Apple logo from the invitations sent out to tech bloggers and video producers. On first look, it did remind of the 2nd Apple logo. But then these are also the colors for the iMac G3 edition. Apple might have a trick under its sleeve and just surprise us with transparent multicolored glass back iPhones. 

    Be that as it may, there are more important things to talk about than just the invitation. Since the leak game is strong with Pixel, we do know a thing or two about the Pixel 4, but as Apple hasn’t announced anything officially, we will have to resort to the leaks. 

    What we know so far

    With the first leak, it must have been hard for Apple’s design fans. The leak suggested an ugly looking square bump on the top left corner. It housed 3 cameras along with a flash light. Apple is known to take amazing pictures from their past devices. With a triple camera setup, Apple has taken it to the next level. But I hope we see some actual innovation added to the iPhones beside the camera addition.

    Apple is known to make sturdy devices and with every launch, they tweak their designs a bit. But with this, Apple is trying to score a homerun and a lot of other manufacturers are about to follow it too. 

    New Leaks

    There has been an internet debate over how the camera setup will be designed and I am rooting for the black covered one, the same colored camera looks hideous. But thanks to Ben Geskin, we got an overview of what people really wanted on the new iPhone. It was a 52-48 win for the colored camera setup *sad noises*. 

    There has been a plethora of renders and dummy devices made from the leaked images. And with that, case manufacturers have taken an upper hand and have crafted cases keeping the leaks in their minds. The cases were leaked soon after the clones started to float around the web. Thanks to Lew, I got an overview of how the iPhone 11 clone looks, feels and sucks. And after Lew got to use all of it, he wasn’t extremely satisfied.]

    This thing is Bogus.

    -Unbox Therapy 

    Being an ubiqutous device, with a lot of people using it, it might be really tough for Apple to satisfy every other user. I wish it looks substantially different and nothing like the leaks. But keeping Apple’s leaks and history in mind, it might just turn out the same. The clones are not very well made, but they do show us the design flaws that Apple is going for here.


    Coming to the most important part of any device, the specifications. After having a look on the device aesthetics, we can surely tell that Apple might be focused on the inside of the device as of now. The iPhone 11 will be coming in 3-5 variants, can’t tell it with utmost surety as of now. Apple will be stretching the iPhone X a bit and might squeezing for another. We are excited to see what it packs under the hood. With Apple having top-notch benchmark scores, the processor game will be strong with this one too. 

    These are the leaked specs by GSMArena and not the official ones. It may vary based on what Apple decides with. 


    We got to learn first about the triple camera setup in January and it has been a lot of leaks and rumors since then. And we got to see a lot of design changes, the cyborg-like was my favourite. So I wish Apple does what it does best and in someway makes the ugly camera bump feel good. That’s it from my side guys. Peace Out. 

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