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Huawei launches Honor 10 flagship smartphone with AI camera

This is Huawei’s latest flagship Honor 10. A lot of tech people gathered at the launch event today. Huawei focuses on vivid and various color combinations for this device. Purple, blue, green, all of them in just a single phone. This thing is almost 4 colors at once. Huawei honor 10 is beast for the first look.

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The device is pretty simple and stylish for the everyday man. It has a dual camera setup just like an iPhone 7 or 8. 24MP and a 16MP shooter on the back. The device has a headphone jack. Packs a dual sim setup and Huawei Honor 10 is pretty good. The first look seems pretty stunning when it comes to Huawei phones. #BeautyinAI with #Honor10, We are all set and Honor 10 is ready for you. For more info click here.

The device was announced today at London. The Chinese company expects a lot from this device. The new Aurora glass design reflects vivid colors from every direction. This acts as an add-on to its stunning features. The 5.84 inch 19:9 display is simply elegant. It is designed for a one-hand use and makes it really easy to take selfies. *winks*

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What to expect from Huawei Honor 10

From amateur to professional, the selling point is the camera. Huawei has worked a lot in the field of AI to make the pictures better and better than the best. The dual lens setup with the Artificial Intelligence brings out the best in everything you capture. Real-time Recognition of 500+ Scenarios in 22 Categories and Scene-specific Parameter Application.

Cutting-edge AI algorithm instantaneously pairs subjects with their optimal camera settings according to the context of the image. Faster and more efficient AI algorithm performance backed by an independently built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Pixel 2 does the same work with one camera, still, Huawei has a lot of options. The enhanced light-sensitive sensor in combination with 4-in-1 light-fusion technology produces sharp and focused pictures even in low light.


Something really unique is the placement of the fingerprint scanner. Unlike other Huawei phones, this lies on the chin of the device. The scanner is embedded under the glass and fits in seamlessly. There is one last feature that is jaw-dropping. If you have got more than one of these phones, it can team up and make a speaker system. It will feature as a surround sound and make you enjoy the music better.

Essentially, the Honor 10 is pitched as an affordable option straddling the quality spectrum somewhere between a mid-range and high-end device. Over and Out.

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