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    How to flash any custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1

    Step 1: Unlock Bootloader

    Read the guide to unlock bootloader here.

    Step 2: Boot to TWRP Recovery

    1. Download the latest TWRP from the XDA thread linked here . NOTE: There are two types of file, one is a .img file and other one is a .zip file. Both of them are necessary to install TWRP recovery permanently on your device.
    2. Copy the downloaded TWRP.img file to the ADB directory present in C: drive.
    3. Inside the folder, right click and select “Open command window here” or “Open Powershell window here”.
    4. Turn off your phone. Press and hold “Vol -” + “Power” buttons together for 3-4 seconds to boot into fastboot mode.
    5. Then connect your phone to PC.
    6. In command window, type fastboot boot twrp-recovery-file-name.img

    Step 3: Download and Install any Custom ROM

    1. Head over to the XDA Forums and click on link of any ROM thread displayed there.
    2. Navigate to the Downloads section of the respective ROM and download it.
    3. Now that you have downloaded the ROM, you need to download Opengapps package from here [Platform-ARM64 | Android-8.1/7.0(according to your ROM’s android version) | Variant-pico/micro/nano] in case you want to use Google Apps on your device. NOTE: Without Opengapps installed google apps won’t work on your device.
    4. Download magisk from the xda thread linked here if you need root access.
    5. Connect your device to PC and transfer TWRP’s .zip file, ROM .zip, magisk .zip file as well as opengapps .zip file to your device’s internal storage.
    6. As you had already booted to TWRP in step 2, goto Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Select system, data,dalvik cache and Internal Storage(Internal storage need not to be wiped if you are already on any other custom ROM). Swipe to wipe.
    7. Now goto Install -> Select your ROM zip file -> Swipe to confirm flash.
    8. Again navigate to home, Select Reboot -> Slot B (If your current slot is A) or slot A (If your current slot is B).
    9. Go back to home, Install -> TWRP.zip file -> Swipe to Flash. (This flashes TWRP permanently on your device and can be accessed by pressing and holding Vol up + Power buttons together for 5-6 seconds) NOTE: This step needs to be repeated every time you flash a ROM.
    10. Goto Reboot -> Recovery -> Swipe to Reboot.
    11. Then goto Install and select opengapps zip file -> Swipe to Flash. ( Optional step if you want to install google apps )
    12. Install -> Magisk zip file -> Swipe to confirm flash. ( Optional step if you need root access )
    13. Finally select Reboot -> System.
    14. That’s it. You have successfully flashed a custom ROM in your Xiaomi Mi A1.

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