A few years back, the search engine giant Google has updated its Drive with a cleaner, cards-style look and much more. Amid a slew of updates, the company has also added the ability to download a copy of documents directly to your device and scan papers using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

This particular OCR technology allows the users to convert text in the images and PDF documents into searchable documents with the ability to easily edit and save. Now you can scan documents, receipts and save it in the drive itself.

In today’s, article we will be taking you through the step on how to scan using Google Drive app on your Android Smartphone.

Step 1: Open Google Drive app.

Step 2: Tap on the circular blue + button on the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Among the various option, choose scan.

Step 4: Once you give permission, you can click the picture of document, receipt using your phone’s camera.

Step 5: After the picture is clicked, it will crop the unwanted space and gives you a preview as well. If you want to scan it again, you can tap on to the refresh button to take a new one.

Step 6: Once its, your documents will be saved in Google Drive itself in PDF format.

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