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Google to reward Hackers $1000 for hacking Apps on PlayStore

Technology giant Google today announced that it will be offering the hackers and security researchers a sum of $1,000 bounty if they can successfully hack apps on its PlayStore and have them fixed.

Focus on app security comes as Google launches its new pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL smartphones which run on latest version of Android. Google has been criticized for its poor security moderation in Playstore. I guess Google is trying to reduce that by implementing the bug bounty program.

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Bug bounty programs are a popular way for companies to reward the hackers and researchers to find vulnerabilities in their software and disclose them to developers so that they can fix them.

MountainView based company Google has partnered with the popular bug bounty platform HackerOne to reward those who find and disclose and help to fix the most serious security flaws in its PlayStore.

Research by security company’s checkpoint suggested that Google’s automated system failed to detect 50 malware apps which were downloaded up to 4.2 million times before being removed. Which was one of the biggest security flaw in PlayStore.

Google also runs reward programs for hackers to find vulnerabilities in its Chrome web browser which currently offers security researchers $100,000 as its top reward.

To know more updates about this Bug Bounty Program, Stay tuned with Tech Includes.

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