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    Google prepares for Pixel Smartwatch along-with Pixel 3 and 3 XL

    Cut to the chase

    • What is it? The first flagship watch designed by Google
    • What will it cost? Probably high-end cost, but no specifics yet
    • When is it out? Later this year, perhaps October alongside Pixel 3

    How do you want the Pixel Smartwatch to be? Should it have hints of Pixel or the Wear?

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    With the new and furnished Android P announced a couple of days ago at Google’s yearly Developer Conference, all the Google freaks still crave for the year’s greatest reveal by Google. The Pixel range of smartphones by Google look forward to “betterify” the camera, the screen, and even the processors. The amazing array of smartwatches that support Android has increased significantly too. Many techies also refer to the year 2016 and 2017 as the year of smartwatches. If you think just the Samsung Gear is what all a smartwatch can be, then you got to rethink. There are a lot of new possibilities in the world of Android Wear with the amazing new fleet of smartwatches.

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    Since Google didn’t announce any hardware in the I/O, we wait for a sole event for in the fall for the range of new Hardware that Google has to offer us.

    Source: Android Central

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    Mobile Reporter and leakster Evan Blass, the leaks suggest fully that there’s a lot of upcoming hardware from Google. This leads land us to really strong viewpoints.

    Google’s best chance at reviving Wear OS

    With Apple Watch series 3 and the rest of Apple watch crossing TagHeur to be the topmost sold watches around the globe. Google must put its hands on this business and earn a few. With the Wear OS losing a valid number of customers and Google working without loss of its Design and Features, research must be done by Google to ensure the Pixel Watch’s full potential is reached.

    This will in return help Google make a stand in this industry. Qualcomm a “lead smartwatch” before the holiday season. Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Wearables, Pankaj Kedia, recently confirmed that Qualcomm will announce a new processing platform for smartwatches. Google would really have all its bases covered when it comes to self-brand stuff. Nexus users, we feel you.

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    Earlier in 2018, the company turned over a new leaf by officially rebranding the operating system to Wear OS. And made it clear that the move was not a simple renaming scheme at this year’s I/O conference, where Google announced a myriad of new features coming to the platform later in the year.

    source: Verge

    Earlier this week, we got to know about Google Coach, the assistant app is supposed to deliver fitness and health notifications on a daily basis to users. Coach is the kind of app that’s best suited for wearable devices. But Coach is also proof that Google may be working on a Pixel Watch. So Google’s best bet to demo Coach would be a smartwatch of its own.

    Google still hasn’t announced a date for its fall event, but seeing as how it’s occurred on October 4 for the past two years, we’d say early October is a safe bet. So, how do you want the Pixel Smartwatch to be?

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