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Google Pixel 3 & 3 XL: This is probably our first look

This has been a great year for smartphones with great launches from various manufacturers. From Samsung Galaxy S9 to LG G7 ThinQ to the just-released OnePlus 6. The phone which beats any other smartphone including iPhone X as the fastest phone. Huawei P20 Pro also launched this year and had a whopping 109 on the DxO marks. It possesses the best camera on any phone and you can still buy it unless you’re in the US. HTC U12+ has just launched a few weeks ago too. With this mob of phones getting here and getting better, we do hope something greater from Google. Google announced a plethora of things at the Google I/O and will announce the hardware stuff in the October event. We are expecting a good phone from Google this year. Last year’s Pixel 2 was a great phone. The camera was undoubtedly the finest for me now too. Pixel 3 is what we are waiting for.

Google has a lot of plans starting from Pixel phone launches to Pixel smartwatch launches too. There might be more hardware launches but we have to wait for that. Furthermore, Google has an upper hand over other manufacturers because of their unbeatable AI. Google’s machine learning is so good that it doesn’t require that big of a hardware to provide something. It takes really nice photos without a telephoto lens on the front-cam too. This is why we are anticipating for a better beast this time. So, just think what the next-gen Pixel 3 could be capable of.


Apart from the phones already announced, the most hotly anticipated ones are still to be covered. Samsung Note 9, the new fleet of iPhones and the Pixel 3 itself. We do have to wait for 5 more months. But we do have gathered a great deal of info about the device. There are a lot of leaks of the Pixel 3 and the rendered images leave us in mixed emotions. The larger phone with a notch might be a setback for Google and a huge disappointment to many potential consumers. But people are clearly hungry on more Google products and Google does a great work by making the Pixel phones exponentially better for the users.


The above image was leaked by Geskin. The way he writes “This is Google Pixel 3” makes us believe more that the device might end up looking like this. Furthermore, Geskin can be a bit confusing at times, claiming his renders are “exclusive.” He’s pretty straightforward, however, that his source is simply these leaked screen protectors in this case. From the above leak, we do gather a lot of info at once. There will be front-facing stereo speakers on both of Pixel 3. That’s a huge relief for the audiophiles who use Pixel phones. It also speaks about the huge screen it got there. We are hearing rumors of Apple’s new iPhone fleet with really big screens, but to be honest the 5-inch Pixel 2 is still good. Furthermore, there will be a notch. Whoah! We really don’t need the notch fashion on Pixel phones at least. The chins and the forehead of the phones are fine with bezels. Bezels are what makes the phone kind better looking from a different perspective.

All we know about the Pixel 3

There was another render which got viral yesterday which was put together by the people at PhoneArena. Just like Ben Geskin’s, however, their image is based solely on the screen protector leaks from the day before yesterday. It just puts the newer phones in the place of the older ones. The render suggests a lot of stuff about the phone. Starting from the cameras on the front to the edge-to-edge display and that notch-on and notch-off feature too. The screen protectors indicate that Google plans to decrease the size of the bezels on both the Pixels. Both new models will still have a “chin” bezel below the display. The smaller Pixel might have a thicker bezel. The Pixel 3 XL will end up with the revolutionary iPhone X’s notch though. sad


Google Pixel 3 image render from screenguards
source: PhoneArena Milen Yanachkov @MilenYanachkov 19h19 hours ago

The focus around the notches seems to be the size for most of the techies. So a Redditor did the hard work of comparing the notches shown on the Pixel 3 screen protectors with that of the OnePlus 6. In the image below, you can get a good idea of just how big the notch on this supposed “Pixel 3 XL” would be next to the OnePlus 6. You can even open up the Essential Ph-1 to have a look at their notch. That notch remains the finest ever according to a lot of users. The screen to notch being at the best relationship.


This post is regarding a possible leak
Posted CinderBlock33 2 days ago, Reddit

I will say that this image doesn’t really capture the scale very well, especially considering the smaller “Pixel 3” is about the same size as the “XL” in this photo. But that said, the relative ratio of notch width to device width and chin height to device height should be pretty accurate. This makes the OnePlus and even the Ph-1 kinda better than the Pixel.

Take this with a grain of salt

By @PhoneDesigner Pixel 3 XL The front with the huge notch based on leaks and the back is his own interpretation. So please judge him only for the back. ¯_(ツ)_/¯. This is my all-time favorite rendered image of any Pixel phone.

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For now, all we have is a single photo from a random internet user that could be absolutely nothing at all. But nonetheless, everyone is glad to see the Google Pixel 3 leaks kicked off. If nothing else, it’s all fun and games. Hopefully, we’ll get solid info soon as the launch date approaches. Over and Out.

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Written by Manish Rath

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