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    Google launches Bolo reading-tutor app in India, get on Play Store

    When it comes to education and Google, we think of Google Classroom and Google Scholar. India is a place where a lot of children don’t even get to learn to speak until they are 5 or 6 years of age. To increase the literacy rate and to make the world a better place, education plays a very crucial role. There are over a billion people in India who use Android at this moment. So they are the only ones who could bring about a revolution in education. To cater to the children’s needs, Google launched Bolo app. Google India is focusing this app for small children who are starting to learn to speak and write. It is even for children who want to increase their vocabulary and their speaking skills. Bolo helps to improve their English & Hindi with a smart tutor called ‘Diya’.

    This is an extension of our very own Google Assistant and it is now contributing to educating small children. Google called a small event where it unveiled the app. The app is currently under development and is not available to all the devices. Let’s know more about what Bolo has to offer.

    Source: Financial Express

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    Bolo: Improving literacy in a fun way

    Bolo launched on 6th of March on the Google Play Store after it was announced at an event by Google. The event showcased the app launch and many stories and use cases that made the app a great step. This stepping stone for better education of our next generation is a very thoughtful step by Google India. Bolo, literally means ‘to speak‘ in Hindi. So it clearly shows that Google wants children to use Bolo to improve their speaking abilities. Bolo currently supports Hindi and English and there might be additional support for various other languages.

    The app is one of the most user-friendly apps our team has ever reviewed. The app doesn’t start like any other app. It tries to give you the feels of some Sci-Fi movie, to be honest. Diya, the personal teaching assistant, explains about the app usage. The app’s UI feels really smooth and is definitely aimed at children and also their parents.

    Source: NDTV

    More about Bolo

    The app has pretty simple features that can be used easily by any child. It is focused on children of ages 6 to 12 and the UI and UX very crucially manage this. There is a language switcher at the top of the app that allows you to switch between Hindi and English. While the app is in standby, a melancholic tune plays and it really brings out the child in me (I envy the 20th-century kids so much). Once you’re in the app, there is a library and a reward section to keep the children’s interest high at all times. So, once the child reads a story, a reward will pop up and you can even take a picture and save it.

    Although it is not advised for children to use smartphones all the time, but the stereotype surrounding phones must change for the better.

    If you aren’t tutored, you get left behind. People with monetary difficulties can’t support their kids to continue studying. Google India wants to encourage kids to learn to enjoy reading, so they can reach greater heights.

    That’s the bottom line. For any additional queries, hmu at manish@techincludes.com. Peace.

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