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    Google launches a free Digital Wellbeing course

    After successful implementation of Digital Wellbeing app in several pixel phones, Google is doubling its digital wellbeing efforts with a new four-part course that aims to help people learn how to develop and maintain healthy tech habits, and leave a peaceful life. The course is absolutely free and takes around an hour or so to complete. It is split over four lessons, is available online.

    As per Google, its new online course features “bite-sized videos, expert-based content, and easy-to-implement tips”. It is classified as a beginner’s course, which we can only assume means you need little tech-expertise to enroll. The emphasis of the content is on how to ensure that technology improves your life rather than distracts you from it.

    “In this module, you’ll discover why a healthy relationship with technology is so important, and how you can become more aware of your own online usage,” states the course description. “You’ll also learn about the different tools you can use to help you develop and maintain healthy tech habits.”

    The course is essentially a series of video tutorials, followed by a short quiz to test your knowledge. The module is part of Google’s Digital Garage, a project designed to help users improve digital skills for business or personal reasons.

    The lesson structure is as follow:

    1. What is Digital Wellbeing?
    2. What are the benefits of having a healthy relationship with tech?
    3. Become aware of your personal tech use
    4. Learn about the tools and tips that can help you create a healthy relationship with tech

    Each lesson features a video of between two and four minutes, followed by a quiz.

    You can take the free course here: Intro to Digital Wellbeing

    So, what do you think of the online digital wellbeing course? Do you think it is useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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