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    Meet the new Google News, new logo introduced

    Google I/O 2018 is live, and in the keynote, Google has announced new and revamped Google News! We are living in a word where we have a fear of missing out things or information. Information is like the blood for our lives in the digital era. Hence, News is a very important part of our daily lives.

    Hence, Google announced some changes to the old Google News service and launching the revamped version of the Google news which implements The Material Design concepts to make the app minimal and make the user experience better than any other news reading app.

    What are the major changes in the new Google News?

    Now, Google News will show the news from publishers you care about most. Removing all the misleading news articles from your list and putting personalized top news results specially meant for you, called briefing. The news, you care about the most. It picks the top five storylines you might be interested in an puts them in front of you. It organizes them in local, national and International stories on the topics you really care about.

    You can go deeper into the news topic by clicking on “View full coverage”. Now you will have a complete view of the storylines, reported by sources with a range of perspective which includes, sources, videos, timelines, and opinion announcements.

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    The new Google news is personalized for you but you can view Headlines generalized for everyone. And if you love stories from the great sources you love, you can subscribe to them from the newsstand section of the app with just one click, no more forms! It is being tested by sixty publishers and will be out for everyone soon.

    In general, Google is trying to bring good journalism into life, bringing readers and journalists closer to each other using one app! Google News!


    As we can already see, the old Google News app has been already withdrawn from Google play store and there is a new version of Google News APK available on APKMirror. In short, Google News won’t be an update to the old Google News app. instead of that, it will be an update to the Google Newsstand app. We have added the link to the apk at the end of the post.

    Stay tuned with Tech Includes for more updates related to Google I/O 2018!

    Update[09/05/2018]: The Google News APK is now available on APKMirror. It’s an update for Google Newsstand, not the existing Google News & Weather app (which has already been pulled from the Play Store).

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