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    Google Introduces Notification Toggle in Assistant Settings

    Today Google Assistant added a new “Notifications” option in settings on both phones and Google Home. Unfortunately, the new setting does not appear to do anything yet.
    Going to Google Assistant’s settings will reveal a new Notifications toggle under “Adjust settings for this device.” It has popped up on all my phones, with others noting that it also appears in Google Home’s Assistant settings.

    While the setting did not immediately show up after the Google app was updated to version 7.0 this morning, it does not appear on older versions of the app. Enabled by default, the toggle does not properly work yet. Switching off and exiting the app will automatically re-enable the setting. Incidentally, the toggle remains on even if Assistant is entirely disabled.

    One straightforward possibility is that Google is consolidating Assistant and Feed/Now card settings. At the moment, the Google Assistant does not technically issue notifications. The Google app, specifically the Feed, is responsible for providing alerts for weather, commute times, and sport scores.

    Alternatively, Google could be working on having the Assistant provide notifications. This would likely just be a re-branding, but for end users could simplify features under Assistant.

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