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    Google Assistant’s 6 new Voices are now live on every Device

    In this year’s Google I/O, Google announced that they are going to include six new voices in Google Assistant, which also includes the voice of American singer and songwriter, John Legend’s voice. And starting today, you can see those voices in your Google Assistant’s voice settings, if your device language is set to English (US).

    Google Assistant has a very important place in the hearts of its users. Every teen user must have imagined a better Assistant like Jarvis. With every single day passing by, Google and its researchers and developers work day and night to make it more and more humane. For now, the voice is the new deal.

    The new voices were all synthesized from WaveNet, which makes Holly’s voice possible. Yes, ‘Holly’ is the official name of Google Assistant’s current default voice. There are three new male voices and three new female voices. Each one is a different pitch and speed might vary slightly between voices. Each of these new voices sounds unique and are given by, persons around the globe with different pitch and frequency patterns and Googlers have tried to make them as natural as they can. The more the natural, the better the user experience.

    To see if you like any of these voices better than the default, head to the Google App and look for the menu and hit “Settings”, then go to “Google Assistant Settings” and tap “Preferences”. Now you can tap “Assistant voice” and test out Voices 1 through 8.

    It’s worth noting that the new voices only work with English at the moment. So, if your device language is set to any language other than English, only first two voices will work for you. The new ones won’t work. Instead of that, you will get a notice saying, the voice is not yet available in that language.

    If you see more voices any other language, try listening to those voices and let us know if it worked or not on our Twitter handle, @TechIncludes.


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