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Google Assistant is getting a boost, Smart Displays

Over the last couple of years, the Google Assistant has taken some distinctive lead. The Smart Assistant acts as a second you and helps you with your mundane tasks. At Google I/O this year, Google Assistant just got a lot better. Lilian Rincon showcased Google’s newest techniques to make Google Assistant better in every way.

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Google Assistant has got 6 new voices this year. These voices act more natural and help in increasing the user experience. Assistant has always focused on the verbal part of it. It will change with the advent of new smart displays. Manufacturers like JBL, LG, Lenovo and more have come together for this. These manufacturers specialize in giving a really vivid experience with Google Assistant’s power.

source: Google I/O

Before you think of it as a simple Tablet snapped with a speaker and a software, I must tell you, it’s not. Google has used their IoT custom-designed OS Android Things which just took it to the next level. This is Google’s answer to Amazon Echo Show. When Google showcased the huge “Hey Google” booth at CES this year we were prepared for something bigger. Google Assistant already owns Google Home, Home mini, and the Home Max in its pocket and is preparing to completely take out Amazon.

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Google Assistant with a Screen

We wonder if just a screen will in anyway redefine the experience. But with Google, nothing is impossible. Google plans to help you look for your photos from anywhere with Google Photos. It will help you guide through recipes for noodles and start cooking with you in real time. Google Assistant will now send the map to your phone and give directions there itself.

source: Google

Google has made distinctive improvements on “actions“. That’s the Google version of Alexa “skills.” Just ask it anything and it will try to figure it out with all the Machine Learning it is going through. Let’s check out the devices directly. These are just smart screens with speakers. But the software is where the magic happens.

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The devices will be coming to your hands soon and we expect the prices to be around or less than Amazon’s Echo Show. Peace Out.

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