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Google Assistant improvements incoming, revealed at Google I/O 2018

Google I/O 2018 revealed a number of upcoming improvements and additions to the company’s Google Assistant AI service. One of the new additions that should be available starting today is six new voices for Google Assistant. Both new male and female voices are now available as options, and users can assign different voices to respond to different family members. The voice of pop music artist John Legend will also be included as a Google Assistant option sometime later in 2018.

Google Assitant is becoming naturally conversational and artificially intelligent day by day and very soon it will be able to solve real-life issues. The basic motive of Google is to build up an AI service that can help you just like a real assistant in your day to day life.

Apart from that, a custom routine system is about to be rolled out very soon. This is an extension of the Routines system that was released earlier this year and will allow Google Assistant users to create personal routines started by a custom phrase. Future updates will allow more natural conversations to be used with the AI. One of these updates is called Continued Conversations, which will let users ask to follow up questions without repeating the current “Hey Google” or “OK Google” hot phrases each time.

Google Assistant is more concerned about children now. Hence, Google is going to introduce “Pretty Please” feature in Google Assistant very soon. If Assistant hears the word “Please” in a command, it will then respond in kind with lines like “thanks for saying please,” or “what a nice way to ask me.” This is supposed to encourage users, especially children, to be more polite when interacting with Assistant.

Google’s CEO Sundar presented an amazingly creepy demo for Google Assistant, showing that it could actually talk realistically to real people in automated voice calls. The new service is called “Google Duplex” which combines Google Assistant with the researches done at Google in the field of natural language processing and human behavior study, making the assistant capable of handling any kind of odd situations over a voice call. The Assistant will be able to understand the context, even if the person other side creates some odd situations.

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Google Assistant is also getting a visual redesign later this year. Some of the new visual cues will aid users when they use Assistant to order food for pick up and delivery from a number of restaurants. For example, if you order coffee from Starbucks, you might notice some visual suggestions based on the time of day, location, and recent interactions, similar to your daily briefings. Assistant will also be integrated into Google Maps later this year, which will allow users to go into Maps and get Assistant-based information without leaving the main screen.

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