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Fuchsia – Google’s Mystery OS

Fuchsia is a capability-based, real-time operating system (RTOS) being developed by Google. It was first discovered as a mysterious code post on GitHub in August 2016, click here to check it out, without any official announcement. In contrast to prior Google-developed operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android, which are based on Linux kernels, Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel named “Magenta”, derived from “Little Kernel”, a small operating system intended for embedded systems.

Upon inspection, media outlets noted that the code post on GitHub suggested Fuchsia’s capability to run on universal devices, from embedded systems to smartphones, tablets and personal computers. In May 2017, Fuchsia was updated with a user interface, along with a developer writing that the project was not a “dumping ground of a dead thing“, prompting media speculation about Google’s intentions with the operating system, including the possibility of it replacing Android. The logo of the operating system at GitHub is a fuchsia-coloured infinity symbol. It is distributed as free and open-source software under a mix of software licenses, including BSD 3 clause, MIT, and Apache 2.0.


And here is a screenshot of the Magenta kernel, part of Fuchsia. 

To try this out, make sure “Unkown Sources” is enabled, then tap the following link to download the “Armadillo” APK, which is Fuchsia’s main UI bundled into a package that works on Android. From there, tap the Download complete notification, then simply press “Install” when prompted. Click this -> Download the Fuchsia/Armadillo APK 


Now we have it downloaded with us and are completely playing with it like Andy used to play with Woody! Haha. Check this video out and see for yourself.

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Written by Manish Rath

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