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Facebook will take “a few years” to fix the issues, says Zuckerberg

Facebook will likely need “a few years” to fix the issues uncovered due to the recent hijacking of the private user data, says the chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg in an interview on Monday.

In this techno era, it is very important to take care of what we are sharing with others. Because it may affect our daily life. Hence, user privacy is very much needed. Offcourse no one wants their private data to go public!

Zuckerberg added that the primary motive of Facebook was to connect people throughout the world in real-time so that they can irradicate the distance between the people. And at that time the concept of user data going public was very “idealistic” for them. Hence, they were not able to provide sufficient time to think about the downside of the product.

“I think now people are appropriately focused on some of the risks and downsides as well”, he said.

“I think we will dig through this hole, but it will take a few years. I wish I could solve all these issues in three months or six months, but I just think the reality is that solving some of these questions are just going to take a longer time period” he added.

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As per Mark, the reality here is, if you want to build a service that connects billions of people throughout the world, then there are a lot of people who cant afford to pay for it. And in such scenario, as with a lot of media, having an advertising model is the only rational model. Which seems very true.

Zuckerberg also fired back at comments last week from Apple’s CEO Tip Cook who argued that Facebook got into trouble because of a business model focused on monetizing people’s data. “I find that argument – that if you’re not paying that somehow we cant care about you to be extremely glib, And not aligned with the truth”, he added.

The interview was the latest one by the Facebook chief aimed at reducing the impact of a scandal over the harvesting of personal data of 50 million users by a political firm associated with Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

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