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    Essential Phone – The Father of Android is Back!

    After Andy Rubin left Google in 2014, everyone knew it was not his unexpected retirement. After 4 years of brainstorming and hustling the Father of Android is back with a boom! We’ve been getting teasers and leaks but it was unveiled by the creator last night and he’s been recorded demonstrating it for his fans. Check out the video below by recode:

    The Essential Phone, an incredibly fearless and ambitious project, with an eccentric screen and the beginnings of a modular ecosystem, deserves all the spotlight it has got yet and will get in the near future. The $699 phone tops the looks. It definitely marks as the by-product of the man who created the World’s most used Mobile OS!

    Essential, teased with this photo a few months ago to showcase just what they could have afforded to do. And even this much was next to phenomenal.

    source: Essential

    And yesterday, the phone was fully teased here, and can be pre-ordered at just $699 or Rs.47k. The phone is a beast untamed loaded with tons of features and specifications that can rule out any other phone pretty easily. After the OnePlus 5 came into the show, this might actually steal the spotlight from the Chinese Oppo child.

    The Essential Phone also has a good take on the dual-camera systems we’ve seen on other phones. Rather than use the second lens for telephoto or bokeh, it’s using it for a monochrome sensor, just like Huawei has been doing with the P9 and P10. That second sensor will be able to take in more light than a traditional color camera, meaning it can be combined with the regular 13-megapixel for better low-light shots. The front-facing camera is in line with current expectations, too: an 8-megapixel sensor that can also capture 4K video. And the colours are pretty exotic and eye-candy to the fans!

    source: Essential

    Even if those ambitions don’t bear out, the Essential Phone itself is exciting on its own. It’s a simple, straightforward Android device that respects the user: it’s powerful, clean, and not entirely beholden to the business whims of the giant companies that currently control the mobile and smart home markets.

    If nothing else, it deserves our attention because it’s coming from Andy Rubin, who knows a thing or two about doing the right thing in the smartphone world.

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