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    Codota raises $2M from KhoslaV as autocomplete for developers!

    Israeli startup Codota has raised $2 million in seed investment from Khosla Ventures. Codota understands the world’s code and provides you with the right suggestion at the right time. The life-saving AI is the future of programming and the day is not far when robots will take away all the similar-field jobs, well that escalated quickly.


    The Codota pair-programmer, now available for Java, suggests the most appropriate code to developers in real-time – based on models learned from all code available on the web. It seamlessly integrates directly into the developer’s IDE, saving precious time, and reducing the risk of human error. <cool> So, wouldn’t it be great having your virtual friend right next to you while coding the shit out of the stuff and feel like a SuperHero? <cool/>. With everything being made by programming now-a-days, it feels like a superstar of the future if we do these kind of stuff. Well, from a personal say, it feels magnificent!

    From the Codota

    The Codota team at its Tel Aviv headquarters

    • Codota dramatically reduces the need to context switch between your IDE and the browser by bringing the best code to you at the right time and place
    • Codota runs on your development machine. You can easily control the amount of screen real-estate to allocate to it

        source: Codota
    • Codota’s algorithms learn from millions of programs to establish the best, most relevant, and most helpful code for any given task
    • Codota doesn’t upload your code to the cloud

    Available for Java, more languages coming soon! (Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA)

    Well, that’s all for now, go check out Codota and impress your friends! And don’t forget to stick with us for more tech updates and news and subscribe to get every tech news right at the comfort of your fingertips! Cheers!


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