Choose a Perfect niche and Identify your target Audience on Twitter

In the last article, we discussed how you can Optimize your Twitter profile to get a massive amount of Followers. Once you have joined Twitter and followed those steps, It is very important to identify your niche and your target Audience. Identifying target audience is very easy. Because the target audience is identified by your niche. Whatever your niche is, that is your target audience. So basically, what you have to do is, identify your niche.

The best way to find out your target audience is, to think about what drives you crazy and what are you very passionate about, what are your hobbies. That is your niche. Once, you have identified your niche, start sending tweets on those niches and connecting people with the same niche. If your niche is about Technology and you are sending tweets about politics, then you are doing it totally wrong. Because your target audience does not want to see those kinds of stuff from your account. They are following you for tweets related to technology.

Steps to choose your niche on Twitter

  • Ask yourself what you love most and for what you can spend most of the time on social media. Because on twitter consistency plays a key role. That is your niche.
  • Identify influencers in your niche and start following them. Look at what they are sharing with their followers. In this way, you can design your own sharing pattern. In the future post, I will tell you about some tools to make this task easy.

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Some of the popular niches to choose if you are just getting started

  • Social media: Social media is a popular niche because everyone wants to be popular on the social media platforms. So, It is easy for influencers in this niche to make his/her tweets or blog posts go viral.
  • Bitcoins: Well, This has been in the Trends for last few months. People Tweet, retweet or Like almost anything related to Bitcoins nowadays. But be cautious while choosing this niche, as the Bitcoin bubble might pop anytime soon. But still, there is some space to grow.
  • Technology Trends: Who does not love to know about new Technologies? If you are one of the people, who is all ways updated with latest news and updates, this is the niche for you.
  • Politics: Politics is one of the favorite niches for many people because of the controversies happening nowadays. People love controversies. It gives them a place where they can peak their nose into. Hence it is a good niche to grow your audience if you are into politics.

I am not asking you to stick with these niches. You can choose anything you love and you are passionate about. Choosing the correct niche is the most important thing at the beginning because it identifies, what are your expertise and what you are going to become on Twitter.

So, take your time to Identify your niche, I will be coming up with the next steps within a few days. Till then, stay connected with me on Tech Includes!

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Written by Snehasish Nayak

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