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    Best Smartwatches you can buy under Rs. 5000 in India

    Gadgets are our daily drivers nowadays. And when we talk about personal gadgets, we cannot forget about the smartwatches, the wearable devices we wear on our wrist. Not only it makes us look cool and trendy, but also helps us in enhancing our productivity.

    Finding a smartwatch that is a perfect fit for your budget and worth the money is really hard to find. And with the variety of watches available now, it becomes a lot tougher. Hence, we are writing this article to filter out the best smartwatches, you can buy under just Rs. 5000 in India. So let us get started.

    Noise Loop


    Noise is an established player in the smartwatch market with products ranging from wireless speakers to mobile accessories. Noise loop is a budget smartwatch offering from the company that will appeal to the budget conscious yet quality striving consumers out in the wild. The design looks quite modern yet minimal. The build quality is very solid. It is a perfect fit for you if you are style freak.

    Noise Loop features a circular dial with a 1.3 inch HD IPS capacitive display having a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The Noise loop is water resistant up to 10m, so light rains won’t pose a threat to the device.

    This smartwatch uses Bluetooth 3.0 to pair with the devices, be it Android or iOS.

    SKMEI GS10347

    SKMEI GS10347

    SKMEI is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in making smartwatches pertaining to a different audience across the globe. The SKMEI GS10347 is more of a fitness-based smartwatch that’s priced reasonably in the Indian market.

    The design comes up with the latest style trends and the solid build quality makes it look premium. However, there is no SIM card slot available on the device. But there’s is an optical heart rate monitor on this device that gives pretty much accurate readings on your heart beats.

    The device can double up as a spy Camera if you want to, you can take decent photographs (If you don’t compare it with DSLR or any other smartphones with superior cameras). Real-time activity tracking feature will let you strictly follow the plans according to the schedule and helps to stay fit.

    Noise Edge

    noise edge

    We have already talked about the company before. Here is another smartwatch from the company itself. That is Noise Edge. Noise Edge is a connectivity centric budget smartphone offering from Noise with cellular connectivity inbuilt.

    Noise Edge features a square dial with a silicon strap that wraps around the hands quiet snug. The display is nothing to write about but, the tiled interface makes up for it. The icons are big and easy to see and the menus are less cluttered.

    This smartwatch features a camera on the side that can take occasional photos as well as videos if the need arises. The Noise Edge features a sim card slot that enables the device to be used independently without the need to pair up with a smartphone to makes calls or send texts.

    Watchout Black Zebra

    Watchout Black Zebra

    Watchout is an Indian company that specializes in the smart wearable segment at an affordable price point. The Black Zebra is one of the premium smartwatches from the company which usually concentrates on affordable entry-level wearable devices.

    The design looks stylish and trendy. The strap is removable and can be swapped with any compatible straps that you would like to use with this smartwatch. This is a great option to have as different people will have different preferences and for those who don’t like the leather, can opt for a different material easily and in no time.

    Sensors such as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor etc are available for those health conscious buyers. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor in this device is a notch higher than the rest of its competitors. The smartwatch is water-resistant and can survive light splashes without any problem.

    Intex Irist Pro Smartwatch


    The Intex Irist Pro is a huge improvement over its predecessor, the Intex Irist. There is a lot to love about this budget oriented feature device but somewhere Intex failed to hit the mark. Read our list of its Pros and Cons to know more.

    The 2.5D curved glass 1.63″ display is quite big and interacting with it is easier as compared to other smartwatches with small displays. The Irist Pro Smartwatch features a water-resistant body that will protect the internals from accidental spills and light showers.

    The UI is pretty simple with a lot of customization options and interchangeable clock faces. There is an option to display apps as per your preference and added to that it also has the Notification Interaction option that opens the App of the respective notification on your phone.

    The Irist Pro features a speaker and microphone to remotely accept calls without having to touch the phone. The speaker is quite loud and sufficient for calling purposes. The Irist Pro is very quick in notifying about a new message or email or whatever app you are using.

    Did we miss your favorite smartwatch on the list? Keep us posted, we will keep updating the list.

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