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‘Atlas’ Chromebook is coming in 2018, Tipped to be #madebygoogle

Google announced the PixelBook alongside some other announcements last year. The device was a sleek competitor to many of the manufacturers. This new device is #madebygoogle and is targeting a greater audience than before. The Chromebook has yet known simply as ‘Atlas’ is making waves this week as it may be the first Chrome OS device to sport a true 4K resolution display. Now that’s something to go crazy about.

But a 4K Chromebook? It kind of sounds like an oxymoron. Still, Google has been doing the unthinkable for a long time now.

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The new machine is codenamed Atlas. Word broke about Google’s incoming 4K Chromebook via XDA Developers – the site discovered a reference to it in the Chromium OS source code. We’ll be getting into that in a bit. What it doesn’t do is confirm that this is happening, though I can definitely see the Atlas arriving before the close of the year.

source: XDA

If you search the layout.conf file, you’ll find ‘Atlas’ is indeed a Chromebook, not a Chromebase. However, there is a commit that says it might be DETACHABLE. Now that escalated quickly. Evan Blass has an impeccable industry source. His latest tip, suggests that a new Pixelbook, with smaller bezels, will be available by year-end.

But is it Atlas, Cheza or some other device entirely? Any device that would arrive by the end of the year already has to be in the works, so I don’t think this is a mystery device that we haven’t yet seen in the Chromium code commits. For the Pixelbook 2 (or Pixelbook 2018, if you prefer) my money is on Atlas, therefore, for two key reasons.
source: WIRED

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Called The Atlas

In the recently added coreboot file, we find that ‘Atlas’ is listed as a variant of the reference board ‘Poppy‘. ‘Poppy’ also happens to be the baseboard for the upcoming ‘Nami’ Chromebook that we are very confident is a detachable Chrome device.

UPSTREAM: mb/google/poppy: Add variant for Atlas

Add a new variant of Poppy for the Atlas board.

Atlas Commit

Deeper into the file, we see that inclusion of Atlas with the reference board Poppy as well as Nami:

bool “Atlas”

bool “Poppy”

bool “Nami”

‘Atlas’ is being tested with a 3840×2160 resolution that, when scaled, becomes a standard 16:9 1920×1080 layout. On a 12-13″ device, this would be a greater PPI than Apple’s best iPad Pro. It is the only Chromebook with a 4k display, the tables will be turned now. Google is getting serious in the laptop industry and they might change the game.

Overkilling it? Maybe. Maybe not. We can’t really state anything else until the whole device is out later this year. Stay tuned to Tech Includes for faster and reliable info.

Peace Out.

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Written by Manish Rath

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