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    Artificial Intelligence will increase Employment and We are not Crazy

    There are probably more than 80k articles on Artificial Intelligence and 99% of them point in the direction of loss of jobs and an apocalyptic view of the world. The rest 1% of the articles don’t exist anymore. Welcome to the future!

    It was the early summer of 2010 when MIT started teaching about Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A time when there were more than 20 million jobs available in the field of technology in Asia itself. 7 long and creative years have passed since that fine morning class and all that’s changed now is, we have more than 2 billion jobs available in Asia and the teacher who took the class is dead. We as Humans tend to focus a lot on our bodies and minds rather than our souls and end up forgetting what and why we really are breathing on this planet. And now, the world has the largest number of technological asset and manpower than it ever had and probably that it will ever have.

    From a tech-nerd’s point of view, it’s fun to talk to robots. It’s really fascinating how they echo our voices, our faces, our feelings and our emotions. But what entertains us the most is that it’s new. It’s new how we humans are training the robots better and faster every other second. But the question is, is it for our own good? Or is it just another apocalypse waiting for its limit to be crossed? Well, let our future generations answer that and let us just enjoy the technology that we are privileged to be born during.

    In 2013, if you could make responsive and user-friendly apps and websites you’ll end up getting you pockets heavy but in 2018, this will not add a dime to it. So what exactly happened? The JOBS changed! The qualities that were needed once in a worker got evolved during the time and now, now it’s completely new and has no precedence.

    According to the recent researches, there is a new wave of jobs rising from the dust. Jobs that have no connection with the past, that require nothing we know about yet or that require everything we know till date.

    Empathy trainers, for example, may not need a college degree at all. Individuals with a high school learning and who are inherently empathetic could be taught the necessary skills in an in-house training program. In fact, the effect of many of these new positions may be the rise of a “no-collar” workforce that slowly replaces traditional blue-collar jobs in manufacturing and other professions. But where and how these workers will be trained remain open questions. In our view, the answers need to begin with an organization’s own learning and development operations.

    On the other hand, a number of new jobs — ethics compliance manager, for example — are likely to require advanced degrees and highly specialized skill sets.

    So, just as organizations must address the need to train one part of the workforce for emerging no-collar roles, they must reimagine their human resources processes to better attract, train, and retain highly educated professionals whose talents will be in very high demand. As with so many technology transformations, the challenges are often more human than technical, right?

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