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    Apple WWDC 2018 : Key highlights from Apple’s Keynote

    Apple kickstarted the Apple WWDC 2018 with CEO Tim Cook making a distinctive showcase of the essential announcements. Tim had figured out that the keynote this year comes off of a quieter season for Apple. The company just had a press event back in March for an iPad focused on education solely and the HomePod. We expected at least a single Hardware launch, but there wasn’t any. It’s like Apple just made a blatant rip-off of Google I/O 2018.

    Starting today, the company hopes to set a new tone for the year. The keynote was completely software specific, which was so unlike Apple but was so like Google. Here are some of the highlights of the new updates Apple CEO Tim Cook and his senior staff announced. With iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS5 and tvOS 12 announcements, Apple had a sole purpose of making this a software first WWDC. There was no new hardware shown, even though last year’s conference gave us a first look at the HomePod, as well as the iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 10.5. We were expecting a new range of iPhone and iPad.


    Like us, if you hoped Tim would surprise the world and introduce some new Apple hardware at Apple WWDC 2018, we feel you. But if you are excited by the new macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iOS upgrades, we got you. The annual developer conference is off to an interesting start with a long list of little things that will make using Apple products a lot better. Apple kept a strong focus on whats inside their products this year.

    source: Apple WWDC 2018 

    iOS 12 


    source: Apple WWDC 2018

    With Craig Federighi starting it, the next update to iPhone’s OS, “you guessed it” — iOS 12. The focus is the digital health dashboard which Apple says is designed to help curb smartphone overuse. This is exactly like Digital Wellbeing features added on Android P at Google I/O last month. Now, even on iOS, you can set DND for when you’re heading to bed, you won’t get visual updates and just a new light up screen in the morning. Just like Shush and Wind Down? No. Apple plans to make this better and more responsive too.

    Apple went haywire, it was as if an I/O from Apple with forms of suggestions. In Photos, Apple, like Google Photos is offering search suggestions for specific people, places, or events. In Messages, there are new Animoji, stickers, text, and a drawing tool built into the app camera, and iOS 12 will now support Group FaceTime that lets you chat with up to 32 people. You can FaceTime in your Animoji or Memoji overlay as well. Yeah, Memoji.

    watchOS 5

    source: Apple WWDC 2018

    The Apple Watch 3 just came out months ago, with a focus on the LTE model. Furthermore, Apple is still building on its wellness specific features more in this year. watchOS on Apple Watch helps the watch work more and more without the use of an iPhone. With a lot of stand-alone features announced, this makes Apple Watch really useful.

    WatchOS 5 aims at making you better mentally and physically, bringing challenges to groups of friends for better fitness competitions in between friends. Yoga exercises can be tracked based on heart rate, hiking makes use of heart rate and altitude, while there’s a rolling mile pace tracker for running in Workouts. All of this is great news for runners, helping them to better pace their runs. This not only helps runners but also people doing a normal workout in their daily lives. In short, Apple Watch makes getting fit easier than ever before.

    But, perhaps most exciting of all announcements yesterday, watchOS 5 will let the Apple Watch become a walkie-talkie! Yes, you heard that right. Working over both cellular and Wi-Fi connections, you’ll get a haptic feedback alert when someone wants to have a quick chat. You can tap to talk and the person will get an invite notif and then you can talk. According to Apple, the watchOS will have a really high-quality voice with the revamped microphone design.

    tvOS Dolby Atmos + Vision

    source: Apple WWDC 2018

    Apple TV is now both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision compatibility certified. Dolby Atmos thing/object-based audio is coming to the Apple TV set-top box, bringing you overhead sounds as well as standard surround sound. Instead of sound coming at you from the front, here the sound will attack you in a 360-degree fashion. All the existing titles that support 4k will be upgraded and in a similar way, all those which support Dolby Atmos will be upgraded for the best ever viewing and listening experiences.

    ‘Aerial’ is getting upgraded, the animated screensaver will focus on locations and info on places of interest from across the globe. Furthermore, Apple teamed up with ISS (International Space Station) to get high definition 4k images of the earth depending on the location you prefer, at your TV screens. iEarth, indeed.

    Now you are getting all Amazon Prime and Netflix shows directly on the Apple TV. The zero sign-up feature does an auto sign up for your services. This hassle-free way is pretty revolutionary but might have certain privacy problems.

    macOS Mojave

    source: Apple WWDC 2018

    Apple macOS Mojave is announced, the newest member after the not so new High Sierra. It will come with new features like improved screenshots, a dark mode, Apple Home, News, Stocks, Voice Memo app.

    From mountains to deserts, Mojave, Apple’s new MacOS release has been revealed, with the biggest feature of all will actually be coming to developers in 2019, with new features letting iOS apps be easily ported to Mac. This will help all developers to focus their apps to macOS too simultaneously.

    It was simply a tease at this stage, but Apple’s already putting it to work with its own first-party apps.

    ‘Dark Mode’, which makes all Apple own apps take on a darker shade, is also on the way.  Screenshotting gets improvements too. Now you can record a selected area of your screen and save it as a GIF or a video directly. You can also edit and magnify the screenshot’s sector seamlessly. This is a huge advancement for Mac users. Thus, you’ll have greater control over magnification settings, while you’ll have to option to screengrab from within a video too.

    Well, I was more interested in the Hardware announcements though. Nevertheless, we just need to wait till Apple is ready with their announcements. Peace Out.

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