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Apple’s March 25th Event: New video-streaming service

Apple will be launching its Netflix killer on March 25th

There have been sturdy rumors around the globe that Apple will step foot in the media and streaming service sector. The world’s first trillion dollar tech company does have ties with Disney’s Pixar which is known for its amazing content. Apple has reportedly teamed up with A24 to acquire content. The media streaming service might launch on the forthcoming March 25th event. Apple is making a whopping amount of money and this stretch of arms to another sector might add to it. Netflix is now available in more than 150 countries with more than 150 million users worldwide.

With sufficient rumors around the streaming service, we hope it will launch to more than 100 countries in 2019. Apple’s entry to Hollywood is already making unwanted waves for other major league streamers. Apple has got enough in their pockets to outbid not only Facebook but also Netflix to create original content. With Bandersnatch, the world got to see a new media consumption and the tech company might have an upper hand.

Apple's lead showcasing some of the media content for Apple TV's launch past year
Source: MacWorld UK

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Apple TV streaming service

Apple is looking to gain faster than others with Pixar’s success as a model to replicate quality.  The bigger question is whether Apple will launch another app or allow it to stream through an existing app. Apple is spending a whopping $1 billion dollars on creative content and has already rolled out plans for series and movies. They won’t be focusing only on adults, there will be shows for children too (pretty obvious). iTunes has been losing market share to Netflix and that is not a shocker.

The tech giant is now looking to go big or go home in Hollywood too. With their launch, they will be taking on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now and many more media streaming services. They have planned out 10 shows out of which 7 or 8 will be series. It did try out some shows like the ‘Carpool Karoeke’ but it didn’t make any impact. The richest company has a lot to spend around and they are taking on the major league players now.

Apple TV with the Remote
Source: Engadget

Expected Launch, Price, and Shows

The Cupertino-based company is going to have an event on March 25th of 2019. Sources told BuzzFeed that the tech behemoth plans a special event at the Steve Jobs theatre in the Apple Park campus. The auditorium has seen extremely well-built products and this must be no different. The new streaming app by Apple will definitely create waves on March 25th. There are no rumors of any hardware launch so you may skip this one if you wanted the AirPower (they’ve probably forgotten about it now).

Some pretty famous faces from Hollywood like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell have been invited to attend the March event. This definitely hints at Apple going big and taking on some pretty big names in the industry. With Apple stepping in this sector, the prices will definitely see a rise. They are not the company who is known for their customer friendly budget, and we are not hoping for any inconsistencies here. It might have some free content for Apple Music users or something.

Central Park, an animated show, Reboot of Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi and horror anthology, Foundation, a series by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov, and Little Voice, a romantic comedy are the few of the original content that we are pretty excited for. That’s pretty much it for the launch info.

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