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Antivirus is ‘USELESS’ claims Google Security Engineer!

Darren Bilby of Google at Kiwicon, New Zealand’s premier computer security conference, was supposed to give a keynote speech about about how 2016 and 2017 has been the age of raiding presidential email inboxes, ransom-ware running rampant in business environments, and a freak incident that occurred where hackers brought down the internet in America when they hacked millions of internet-connected toasters, fridges and even baby monitors and the very recent WannaCry ransom-ware too!

source: computer security conference, kiwikon

Bilby is not one of them who thinks that having a good anti-virus solution keeps you safe on the internet. Pointing to a series of cyber-attacks named “2009 Operation Aurora Campaign” that made several computers vulnerable to attacks, Bilby said there is no need of ‘magic’ through ineffective antivirus. And by magic he meant that icon flashing down below your PC if you have a magician installed. Ha!

“We are giving people systems that are not safe for the internet and we are blaming the user.”  Darren added.

He further said, “We need to stop investing in those things we have shown do not work. Sure, you are going to have to spend some time on things like intrusion detection systems because that’s what the industry has decided is the plan, but allocate some time to working on things that actually genuinely help.”  For an average user like us, it does not matter whether you use an antivirus or not. Really, no one cares about attacking us because there is no point for hacking our computer. Because, literally someone won’t get the Nuclear Launch Codes at my little brother’s computer right? HA-HA!

source: Google

Tools such as whitelisting, hardware security keys and dynamic access rights efforts are more effective approaches to preventing cyber invasions, Bilby also said. Finally, it’s never bad to have an useless thing, but why not have something better instead?

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Written by Manish Rath

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