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Android Q: Everything you need to know with hands-on first look

System-wide Dark Theme is finally here to stay

Android P (Pie) launched on the 7th of March last year with an amazing level up in the designs sector. Android Pie is still growing as Samsung’s One UI got the public release of Pie in their last update a few weeks back. This states that while Pie has not reached to a lot of people, Google has already plans for their next round of Operating Systems, Android Q. Be it the new dark mode setup whose hints we got in the Pie and the updates that they are still rolling in, or some security patches. What bugs me is finding a good enough dessert that starts with Q. Before diving into the world of Android Q, you can have a complete read about our coverage on the latest yet, Android P.

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We got to see the exclusive look at the upcoming Android Q from XDA Developers in January. The leaks looked pretty sturdy and the revamped designs were crisp. Android is used by more than a billion devices now and still counting. Google is taking this to the next level with Android Q but is the system-wide dark mode worth a complete upgrade? Let’s find out.


Quesito? Quiche? Quindim? Qottab? If you ask me, I’d suggest Google drop the dessert name this year. A lot’s in a name and my favorite is still KitKat, I just want a small and crisp name that people don’t feel weird telling about. Whatever the name ends up being, the fact that matters in the updates that are coming to the Google’s Mobile OS. Google has packed a lot for us in 2019 and we can’t wait for Google to unveil them. The Android Q might come right out of the box in Pixel 4.

XDA got their first look in January where they stated a system-wide dark look. Google has been dark modding a lot of their services and this bold step would be fun. There are a few substantial changes and a ton of small changes that might not hamper users a lot. Let’s dig in.

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Starting off with the lock screen, there won’t be the battery percentage indicator in the bottom mid anymore. Double tap to wake still works and we’re now inside the device. There is no change in the notifications bar. Just a couple of design maneuvers where the icons seem pretty big now. There have been slight changes in the way you mute notifications, or could be just an icon change. Android Q will have dedicated sensors for better hardware to optimize the facial recognition for devices. Companies like Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung will be able to utilize this to the fullest with their upcoming flagships.

Source: XDA Developers
 Source: XDA Developers
  • System-wide dark mode theme

  • A desktop mode like Samsung Dex

  • Big changes to privacy and permissions

Here’s a coverage video stating all the new features and some less sturdy features of the Android Q OS. Google’s new OS was leaked first by XDA and this video is a great explanation of their exclusive hands-on.

There could be additional updates and changes that will be brought to the OS. There are also very sturdy rumors about the secret Fuchsia OS by Google. We might hear about it this year too. That’s the bottom line. For any additional queries, hmu at Peace.

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