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    Android P’s Shush and Wind Down to fix your smartphone Addiction, road to Digital Wellbeing

    Google announced a basket of new features for their upcoming version of Android. They believe Technology should help us with our lives and not distract from it. With Android P, new digital wellbeing features like dashboard and app timer help you find balance.

    Digital Wellbeing

    The common theme across all this is, we are working hard to give users back time. We’ve always been obsessed about that at Google. Sundar Pichai said in the Keynote.

    With the advent of newer apps and software every hour if not every day, there is an utter desire to act upon anything and everything on our glowing screens as quick as possible. People feel tethered to their phones. But why will a company spend time and money in making their users use less their own device? But Google didn’t just think out of the box, it tore the whole box apart. It came up with a better research that allows the user to stay connected and informed as well as stay disconnect and mixed in the real world, with their friends and families. Hence, Digital Wellbeing.

    People have FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out, and guess what? Google came up with JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out. Sundar added in the Keynote.

    Google I/O 2018

    How Google can help :

    • Understand and study our habit and usage pattern
    • Focus on what matters more to the users, the apps, and the features
    • Wind Down when required to cut off from the online world
    • Finally to find a balance for your family, for the loved ones


    With the perfect research staff, Google came up with Dashboard. Android P’s newest member, it’ll act as an all-in-one info place about your usage and habit pattern. It’ll give us full visibility to how we use our phone.

    Apps will help mainly. YouTube took a lead and if we are watching YouTube for a long time it’ll come up with a notification to remind us to take some time off the screen. Schedule custom breathers as often as you want, pausing what you’re currently watching and encouraging you to step away.














    Google is working tremendously with researchers all around the globe to find the perfect balance between technology and life. Android P’s Simplicity, Intelligence, and Digital Wellbeing themes help the user to mark everything perfectly. And as per the Project Treble, it’ll get really easier to reach more people with the snap of their fingers. Thanos laughs.
    Everything reaching to users within a week or two.

    Android launches Shush and Wind Down

    • Disconnect at night.

      Wind Down gets your phone ready for bed by letting you schedule changes to the display. Activating Night Light reduces blue light and Grayscale gets rid of all color, reminding you to switch off for the night. This actually makes you wanna use your phone less and the end stop it and go to sleep, hence giving you more time and the balance that you needed.
    • Quiet your phone with a simple gesture.

      Easily turn on Do Not Disturb by flipping your phone face down. Codenamed Shush, it’ll automatically convert the ringer type to DND and help you make the best of your time.

    For more updates related to Android or Google I/O announcements, stay tuned with Tech Includes.

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