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Alexa skills and commands: the prime Amazon Echo tips and tricks

Amazon Alexa is the software that runs all the Amazon Echo range of products. While she is pretty intelligent (not the best one), she is only as good as her skills. Google has a similar strategy pattern with Actions on Google. Skills are made by Alexa developers who want to add different capabilities to the smart assistant. If you have an Echo or been using it for a while now, this list will introduce you to all the best skills available for Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa Skills enable Echo to access various apps, websites, and services. Here are some of the finest skills that will enrich your user experience with Alexa.

Don’t you worry, we will also help you install these Alexa skills on your Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo can make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, read PDFs, provide weather forecasts, warn you of traffic, answer trivia, control your smart home and serve up other information in real-time. Alexa’s large library of Alexa skills still gives the Echo a bit of an upper hand (especially until Siri is Google Assistant-level awesome).


The Amazon Alexa Skills section of the Alexa app is basically an app store for your Amazon Echo. It’s constantly growing, which means your Amazon Echo can constantly learn new ways to make your life easier and more automated. Furthermore, you can connect other home automation gadgets, like smart lights and thermostats, and you can even connect food ordering services, like Domino’s Pizza. Furthermore, the more Skills you “teach” Alexa, the better she’ll get at being your assistant.

source: The Hacktory

Now, you can even add skills by voice, so long as you know the name of the skill. There are some certain important skills that really make your life easier. We will list some of the important ones first to make a stand. We will have a lot of skills to give. Buckle up!



IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” It lets you create chains of conditional commands, called “recipes,” for your Amazon Echo. Amazon has introduced IFTTT Triggers, which allow you to connect Alexa directly to certain apps. Furthermore, you can head over to their website and look at the bucket of recipes.

For example, VoIP calls: This Applet uses VoIP to call any device you own with the IFTTT app installed. Works for international phones, too!

Stop it from hearing


MuteYour Amazon Echo is always
listening.Once the mute button is switched on Alexa won’t hear the wake word. So if you have random conversations saying the Amazon Alexa word, don’t worry anymore. But then again, you have to press the button again to make the wake word work.

Use as own personal math genius

If you’re baking or wanting to convert currency or temperatures, Alexa can do it. Just say something like “Alexa, what’s $20 American in Indian Rupees?” and she’ll tell you. This is one of the best Amazon Alexa skills. Furthermore, you can even convert other currencies.

Change the wake word

Change the wake word

You can change the wake word to one of three rather unimaginative alternatives: Echo, Amazon, or Computer (OK, I wish it had Jarvis). You can do this by heading over the app. Open Settings from the hamburger menu -> <yourname>’s Echo Dot -> Scroll down to Wake Word -> Select the one you need. Changes will be applied to that device only.

More on Alexa Tips

Ask Alexa to repeat herself

If you missed something Alexa said, you can just say “Alexa, can you say that again?” or “Alexa, can you please repeat that?” and she’ll repeat what she said. This will happen as many times as you need. This is something I’ve been liking on my Echo Dot for a while now.

There are a couple ways you can control your Echo. The first one is the obvious App you had to download to setup the device. Furthermore, the second way is through the web. Just visit this site in your browser: and you’ll be able to log-in and control your device without needing a phone. Your welcome!

Let say you’ve got a tune in your head and can’t really recall the song. Still, try singing them to Alexa. Alexa may well recognize that song and offer to play the version you actually want. “Alexa, Here Comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause” will offer the Elvis version of Winter Wonderland, you can then easily ask for the Snoop Dogg version (do it). You can even hum the sound and then it might suggest the song (works better on famous ones).

Now, something Interesting!

Furthermore, Alexa responds to a wide number of fun Easter eggs. We’ve picked out a few of the more interesting ones and listed them below, but not all will work in all locations:

  • “Simon says…”: You can get Alexa to repeat anything you say if use the command “Alexa, Simon says…”
  • Alexa, play Bingo”: Look up and download some free printable bingo cards, and ask Alexa to start a Bingo game with you.
  • “Alexa, ask Word Master to play a game”: This is like Geography. She says a word, then you have to follow with a word that starts with the last letter of the word she said.
  • “Alexa, start Animal Game/Capital Quiz”: This lets you play 20 questions about animals or geography.
  • “A, start Star Wars quiz”: Self-explanatory.
  • “Alexa, play Jeopardy”: Trivia geeks will love these game-show style questions. Don’t forget to answer in the form of a question.
  • “Alexa, roll the dice”: Missing the di to your board game? She’ll roll 6-sided, 10-sided, 20-sided, and other dice as well.
  • “A, Open the Wayne Investigation”: This starts a choose-your-own-adventure game that immerses you into the world of Gotham.
  • “Alexa, sing happy birthday”: Does what you expect
  • “Alexa, rap for me”: Alexa will spit some lyrics

Ask Alexa these questions and this will enrich the usage for sure: So, Alexa:

  • “What does WTF stand for?”
  • “Up, Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, B, A, Start”
  • “How much is that doggy in the window?”
  • “Is Santa real?”
  • “Do you know Hal?”
  • “Who shot first?”
  • “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?”
  • “What is love?”
  • “what’s the meaning of life?”
source: Popular Mechanics

Now go on and try all these Amazon Alexa skills you’ve got to try. You can thank me later. Peace Out.

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Written by Manish Rath

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